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Keyboardest Vince Welnick of Grateful Dead has died


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The administrator of Vince's web site has posted a message several places (I read it 2nd hand on the Moby Grape Yahoo board), basically stating that Vince had been very depressed since Jerry G's death (Jerry is the one who recruited and picked Vince for the band), and the other surviving band members' actions had since made him much worse.

Lesh, Weir, Hart, etc., have put together several ad hoc reunion shows of all surviving members over the years, not to mention The Dead, Phil Lesh & Friends, etc. - and have always snubbed Vince since an unfortunate incident when he was playing in Rat Dog (Bob Weir's band), and accidentally OD'd. (Weir & co. dropped him off at an emergency room and sped away....leaving him there identified as "John Doe"). Vince had cleaned up his act since then, to the point of playing with Todd Rundgren among others. (He was also one of the early (if not founding) members of The Tubes.) The various GD members basically wrote him off completely.

What triggered the suicide last weekend isn't clear, although he apparently suffered from serious depression off and on.

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That's what I was thinking, John O. That he must have been greatly depressed. I didn't say it, because I didn't know anything about him, and I was passing the story along. His family, I hope, is doing alright. They don't need to understand everything, now. But, there should be friends that can help by listening. In his memory, they should talk about every good thing he did. And being positive later on, as much as is possible. That will get them through. Whatever they feel should be accepted, too. Both their joys and sorrows. It's complex, but sometimes a person wants to get rid of their own pain. But, they try to resolve things on their own, and that's impossible when one doesn't know how to reach out. If a person doesn't talk about it, then they feel there is no more hope. They feel they can't reach out, and their feelings are overwhelming. He might have had a touch of bi-polar disorder, but not known to be. Sometimes, something as simple as a change in the weather can make them feel gloomy. frown

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