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2009 is here now.........


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and so we wish to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the EC.com family. We hope the year ahead brings fulfillment to your lives and the realisation of your dreams.

And yeah.... we're in next-year-land or is it that you are still in last-year-land??? laugh:rolleyes: Well it is 12.05 am on Thursday morning here!!! happy

Muzza and Kiwi

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, Muzza and Kiwi.

It's 7.35 AM; I have chores to tend to inside the house and oranges to pick from the tree outside for that one last glass of fresh OJ in 2008. Then tonight, I'm off to my brother's humble abode per usual to bring in the New Year.

People are already lined up on the streets in Pasadena for the Rose Parade tomorrow, and as I watch Good Morning America, I realize I'd rather be hangin' in a house tonight and not in NY's Time Square. A bit crowded for me.

Here's to the "leap second" we'll get this year...

Wendy happy

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Happy New Year! Muzza and Kiwi

What did you do with your extra second ? laugh

Blessings for the New Year

What is everyone doing tonight ?

We are going over to a friend's for a party, just down the block.

I don't want to be on the road tonight.

Happy New Year to everyone, I wish Health, Love, Peace and Prosperity for you. heartpump

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