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I loved watching the U.S. make history in world record time...how can anyone NOT appreciate the magnificent dedication of Phelps! I remember watching Mark Spitz but I was too young to really comprehend what Spitz had done except to think he was really really 'cool' ...It was so exciting to watch and I felt *warm fuzzies* when the camera panned to an extremely proud mother(and given the family background, so she should be-what a mom too!!)

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He received $1Million from Speedo for the 8 medal accomplishment alone. He has several deals with Visa, et al.

But to MJ's point...there are certain sports in the US that only garner interest every 4 years. Swimming, track, gymnastics and to a certain degree..women's basketball and men's indoor volleyball. Many athletes have to go to European leagues during non-olympic years to make money (especially track). Even the WNBA pays its players a pittance in comparison with the Euro-leagues for women's basketball. That's why many WNBA players also play overseas in the winter.

The names Carl Lewis, Mary Lou Retton, Mark Spitz, Edwin Moses and Renaldo Nehemiah all come to mind as incredible Olympic athletes who were attractive, articulate and marketable

yet never really had "staying power" with the public a year or two after the Olympics.

I hope Phelps bucks this trend.


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The kid's been a really cool cucumber, considering everyone took for granted from the outset that he would win everything in sight. The pressure on him's been enormous, just for that very reason, but he came through!

Also good to see that he got a decent second chance after the '04 DWI charge.....Some might have held that against him forever...

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Those record 8 gold medals in a single Olympics should stand for decades! It was also refreshing to hear someone who was really at a loss for words to describe his accomplishments. No polished acceptance speeches rehearsed a hundred times beforehand. Just a great athlete enjoying the moment.

I hope the ratings hold. The 100 meter dash in 9.69 followed the swim! I'm looking forward to more track and field...

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T I'm looking forward to more track and field...

Yeah Baby... did ya see our Kiwi gal in the shotput?? GOLD for us. laughhappy

Congrats to Phelps though. A really great effort and an extraordinary level of humility with it. Self belief yes... but not "cocky". Well done.

Muzza cool

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