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How can you tell when Hillary's lying?

Tony Cartmill

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Word has it that Obama is the likely winner in this race, but some people aren't keen on his heritage.

I'm following this because Canada is "the mouse in the elephant's bed", as one of our PM's once said.

Somemay not agree with me, but I think she was nuts for forgiving her husband. Un-Christian of me? Yes. But logical.

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This is American politics and very, very strange things have happened on occasion. I suspect this is the reason that Hillary's still hanging on, on the outside chance that something bizarre happens (Examples: scandal of epic proportions involving Obama, or a personal health issue that suddenly occurs.)

IMO, Obama has killed her in two major categories that will lead to his eventual nomination - his organization of grass roots support, and more importantly, his far superior ability to raise money. HC seemed to take it for granted, prior to the primaries, that the nomination was hers. (Of course, she and Wild Bill also assumed that she was a shoo-in for capturing the African-American vote....and going from getting a good solid majority when running against any other candidate, to less than 10% when running against Obama, is a HUGE drop!)

What the Democrats, at this point, had better hope for is that Barack O. doesn't blow it in the general election. If so, Hillary will start her 2012 campaign the next day, with her chief issue being "I told you so!"...and she won't, in this case, be lying! (NOTE: While I'm far from being a fan of Hillary, I think her instincts about BO not being able to win in November are probably accurate. On the other hand, I don't think she would, either!)

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