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Eric Carmen

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As a producer, I couldn't have put any of this info on the air without substantial understanding of who the players are... how credible they are... and what they stand to gain. I'm guessing that's why so much of this material is new to many of us. The general media has a responsibility to check and re-check sources to cover their you know what(s)! Unless they put it on a radio show like "Coast to Coast" where this kind of intrigue plays into the focus of that show.

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This one is for James. Instead of being scared that a few intelligent people might be "jumping on this bandwagon," I keep wondering why so few people question the "official" story!


Thanks Eric..

I watched the first half - it didn't move me. A lot of your earlier points were stronger.

I respect you and the others that posted in line with your thinking on this thread. You guys get credit, as I'll be more alert and open minded to this issue.

But I stand by my last post..

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"Official Story" is a misleading way of putting it. It's not like our government has a ministry of information and all controversial issues are addressed in some official clearinghouse. We have an open society, an open media and many, many checks. I don't chose to believe an "official story" on anything and yes, I have "half a mind". I believe what makes sense. Many conspiracy theories have been easily shot down on this and other threads. The response is yet another youtube video in the vein of "oh, yea, well what about this?"

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All that is left of past events are memories, written records and, today, video. Both points of view have been responded to with articles and/or videos. All we see, read, and hear is someone's point of view. The history books we studied in school have been found to contain errors.

How would we know anything at all if we had to witness everything first hand to know or learn anything about it? How are valid points made without existing references of some sort?

I sort through information at hand and I realize nothing is impossible.

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For me, its not a question of what may be possible or impossible. Rather - where is the weight of evidence on a given issue and how far do the proverbial scales tip to one side or the other? Sometimes, it's a close call - the scale is only slightly tipping to one side. If we examine the "house of cards" of the conspiracy theorists, we see, as cousin vinnie so aptly demonstrated in rural Mississippi, that this house is easily taken down.

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Very funny, Tony.....but honestly, I'm starting to believe this is just like the "religion" discussion.

I guess we should just take it "on faith" that the Government is really combatting the "war on terror" and Osama bin Laden is the Bogeyman. And in that case, every one of these incredible "coincidences" surrounding the events of 911 are just.....coincidences, I guess. Politicians don't lie, after all.

But, unfortunately, in order for me to believe that, I would also have to believe that there's a plausible explanation for how NORAD, The FAA, The Department Of Defense, The Air Force, The National Guard and The White House had such a complete breakdown of their protocol and communications that day that NOT ONE SINGLE FIGHTER JET GOT SCRAMBLED IN TIME TO GET TO WASHINGTON D.C. IN ORDER TO INTERCEPT A HIJACKED PASSENGER JET HEADED FOR THE PENTAGON, ALMOST TWO HOURS AFTER THE FIRST PLANE HIT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. THAT IS JUST BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

I also would have to believe that the six "training exercises" going on that day, all of which pulled pilots and aircraft AWAY from the targets, and put 22 bogeys on the pilot's radar screens, making it impossible for them to tell the difference between the "real world hijackings" and the "training exercise hijackings" were also a complete coincidence. The odds against that happening were 54 million to one.

I'd have to ignore all the evidence of insider trading that netted tens of millions of dollars for some mysterious investors who made huge put options betting against United Airlines and American Airlines, just one day before 911.

And I'd have to believe that John O'Neill, the foremost expert on Osama bin Laden in the world, who had quit his job at the FBI out of frustration, just a couple of months earlier, because the Bush Administration kept impeding his investigations, just HAPPENED to perish on his first day on his new job at the World Trade Center, on 911.

And I'd have to believe that, CONTRARY to what physics experts, police, firefighters, and architects have stated, jet fuel CAN burn hot enough to melt steel ( even though there isn't another case IN HISTORY of this ever happening.

And I'd have to believe that Marvin Bush, the president's brother having the contract for security of the WTC, Dulles Airport and United Airlines until just before 911, was ALSO just a coincidence.

And on, and on, and on.........

I know it's easier to just believe a bunch of Muslim lunatics who "hate our freedom and our way of life" flew those planes into the WTC and the Pentagon to teach us a lesson (or something), but I'm afraid there just appear to be too many coincidences for me to buy that story.

And if you've watched these videos, and really read the links, maybe YOU are the one who needs the straight jacket, particularly in light of the blueprint for Operation Northwoods, and the fact that in the late 90's,the Project For A New American Century, a think tank that included Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Pearl, William Kristol and Jeb Bush, among others wrote a paper calling for "a new Pearl Harbor" and the invasion of Iraq, all before W was even "elected."

Anyway, it's bedtime for me. The more I read, the more depressing it gets. We'll move on to something more pleasant tomorrow. Sleep tight, my friends. zzz

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Or bumper stickers! smile They're pretty funny sometimes! New music would be great!

While I'm interested in 9/11 and like discussing it, I don't like that my viewpoint may be offensive to some of the members here. It's just the way I see things and what I believe and I like reading others' opinions and beliefs. I realize that most do not agree with me. I didn't mean to anger or offend anyone and I apologize if I have.

But if anyone wants to continue, I'm in! laugh

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OK... For arguements sake: Let's say that a lot of these theories turn out to be correct, and none of what we have been told the last 7+ years is correct. It seems that all of these videos, blogs, and books are readily available, so if our incoming President doesn't do his best to expose all of this - or even worse, If he never mentions it; does that make him part of the problem? I think a lot of us will be watching.

I have faith that Obama will do his best to make this a better country, but he can't ignore something this big can he?

Just wondering...


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These threads [Aside from the good music thread...the real good ones] are the best threads going. I love learning and hearing and reading new stuff about about these events. While all those eyewitnesses to the Pentagon plane make me think that there was a plane...the fact that no fighters jets were were deployed...WTF? did they want the plane to crash? Reading that Bay Of Pigs memo was eye opening. Let the thread continue...if there is more to say!

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