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Eric Carmen

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Eric's intellect on just about every suject is amazing. What I would like to know is, does anyone have any questions on the "Phoenix lights" that were seen here about 10 years ago? Bill Kurtis has done some interesting investigation pieces on it and it is still very much a mystery.

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"Then what happened to the plane that was supposed to be the one that hit the pentagon??? And the people on it?"

A very good question....and there are equally good questions under every possible scenario, including the official version. I think a major part of the problem is that we have very little experience witnessing fueled-up commercial jetliners deliberately crashing into buildings...so who knows what's really possible under those circumstances?

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This is my thought, if you want to argue your case, then use facts to back it up, not by using people's thoughts and opinions, or using their blogs.

Where you there at Shanksville when the plan went down? I remember seeing the plane flying upside down. I can still remember the squeal of the sirens and the roar of the fire trucks racing past the campus where I was at that time. That site is not far from my home. I have been to that site. There were just pieces left of the plane, and a large gaping crater.

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Up until 2001 my husband and I would take a two week vacation every Sept. to California. Our anniversary is the 24th so we always liked to coincide it with that. In 2001 we were undecided whether to go or not until the last minute because we had put an addition on our house and wanted to work on it. We stayed home. The two of us always flew United 175 out of Boston because my girlfriend's father worked on the ramp and would put us in first class. Our flights were always sceduled on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday because the planes would always be empty on those days. Before the attack I can remember being on many coast to coast flights that only carried 50 or 60 people when the planes, 757's or 767's, were capable of holding 300 or so. The terrorists obviously figured this out after a few test flights. Because of the economy now and all that's happened planes only fly if EVERY seat is full. I don't know about conspiracy theories but I just wanted to add that little bit of first hand experience as far as "empty planes" go.

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Eric is starting to scare me in more ways than one...

I'd also like to know where that Pentagon 2.3 trillion went...But to say planes didn't hit where they said they hit?...You know, the internet is full of...stories.

And I saw the twin towers collapse, starting at the floors where the jets hit, after the the raging jet fuel fires weakened the already smashed steel frames, and the weight from above collapsed down on the rest of the floors.

Now, do I believe my own eyes, or some internet conspiracy web site?

If actually seen some time lapse footage of the

plane going into the pentagon. I've no doubt it happened.

Govt. screw-ups & walls between diff. intel agencies was/is the main problem.

There are many other good reasons for Bush to go to jail besides this one. Might be good if this happened, so future presidents will start using their brain besides something for a hat-rack!

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My real question is "who". I've been checking this stuff out for at least a year. I've seen lots of videos and read lots of different reports--from both (terrorist attack vs. our government) viewpoints. And, just like anyone else, I don't want to think our government would do something like this, but I can't help but believe they would. I don't trust them in the least.

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Then what did Giro, and the thousands others see?

If there was a morsel of truth to this theory, the legit press would have been all over it...why haven't they touched it?

Why haven't the Democrats used this as a campaign item?

Why did al Qaeda take credit?

And why was Osama Bin Laden joyfully rejoicing in his victory?

And what about all the evidence about the hijackers' prep work in the months leading up to this?

Etc, Etc...

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I don't follow this stuff, and thus acknowledge my knowledge about facts etc is inferior.

But the fact that a group of intelligent, learned people are jumping on this bandwagon is vexing. Can you imagine the potential to demagogue the less learned with this type of stuff? That thought is even more disturbing.

I read history. Hate driven propaganda has been a recurrent motif associated with a lot of the bad stuff of history. And that's the feel I get from this thread.

Full blown class warfare (against the gov't, big business, the wealthy, certain religions etc).. is a cancer that we've been able to avoid throughout this country's history. We're going into potentially the roughest period we've faced as a nation.... with a populace with half the backbone those Americans in the 30s & 40s had. It's a recipe for major class warfare and full blown implosion. I'm optomistic we'll fare ok, but the potential is real.

Making claims that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld murdered 2000+ just pours more lighter fluid over society, which will cause any future implosion to be that much worse, IMHO.

If I end up wrong about this, I will apologize..

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"Then what did Giro, and the thousands others see?"

The same thing I saw. I don't doubt it happened. I was watching, too.

And I've seen legit press coverage in which questions along these lines have been raised by the commentators. When it comes to the press, we see and hear what we are allowed to.

As for the democrats using it in their campaign--I think if anything this big was created be the government it would not be only one party.

Bin Laden--if the government did create this and if money was changing hands any scapegoat could be paid to say anything. That's why the missing billions is suspicious to me.

One of my biggest questions is why have we, with all our resources, not found Bin Laden? I've heard everything from we really can't find him to the people are hiding him to Bush telling the military to stop searching.

And another is why have news reports from the legit press surfaced about some of the hijackers being alive and well in other countries?

More than anything I would like to be the one to apologize, in the end, for being wrong--and maybe it'll work out that way.

This is all very scary to me, and it could go around forever with one side debunking the other.

Maybe I'm too suspicious, but it's a gut feeling I just can't shake. I'm not happy about it.

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