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Eric Carmen

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Eric is starting to scare me in more ways than one...

I'd also like to know where that Pentagon 2.3 trillion went...But to say planes didn't hit where they said they hit?...You know, the internet is full of...stories.

And I saw the twin towers collapse, starting at the floors where the jets hit, after the the raging jet fuel fires weakened the already smashed steel frames, and the weight from above collapsed down on the rest of the floors.

Now, do I believe my own eyes, or some internet conspiracy web site?

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Tony, We all watched the buildings collapse. The question is whether or not they collapsed because the heat from the fire melted the steel, or whether there were explosives detonated after the planes hit the buildings. There's a ton of testimony from people who were IN THE BUILDINGS that there were explosions on the floors BENEATH THEM, either just before, or just after the impact of the planes.

And it seems extremely odd that there is not ONE SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH of a Boeing passenger jet, or any part of a passenger jet, anywhere near the gaping hole in the side of the Pentagon. There's another website called "Pilots For 911 Truth" that has examined the flight data and determined that the planes could not have ended up where they were OR have done what they did, based on the black box recordings, the flight data, and the laws of physics.

Don't believe me? Try this link.


And this one.


It's also quite a "coincidence" that the weekend before 911, the security system was shut down for some sort of "maintenance", and when the World Trade Center reopened on the following Monday, the security company was told the bomb sniffing dogs that had always been used, were not needed.

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You know, my husband has brought up this argument too. I think it's so frightening that most of us don't have "room' to synthesize this material and think our government could do this.

Reminds me of an old movie that ran in here in Las Vegas just a few days ago... the 3 astronauts James Brolin, OJ Simpson & I forgot the other guy. Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about. They were going on a space mission and the gov killed off the astronauts...

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As terrible a tragedy it was/is, my gut feeling still says it was a controlled demolition.Especially after seeing Building 7 collapse,after getting the order to "Pull It".

I had a DVD, which has been unavailable since 2002(Gov't shut down the website, like alot of the videos out there).It showed footage that I never saw before, and firemen hearing "Multiple Detonations" before the collapse. Im sorry, I do not trust ANY Government Investigations of ANY kind.

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You know, when jet planes full of jet fuel slam into a building, burning debris goes everywhere, including air and elevator shafts, stairwells, electrical wiring...Some of those cause secondary explosions down below because that's where gravity takes them...

But I'll keep watching these youtube videos, along with the 20 videos that claim they are actual Steve Irwin death footage...and they are all fake.

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Tony, how is it that there weren't any Air Force jets protecting the airspace around the Pentagon one hour and twenty minutes after the World Trade Center was hit? Andrews Air Force Air Base is ten minutes away. Doesn't it seem a little odd to you that almost an hour and half after the first hit, a Boeing passenger jet, flown by a non-professional pilot, executes an almost impossible acrobatic maneuver and hits the Pentagon unimpeded?

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Especially considering that the area right across the river (White House) is protected air space in the first place? If some idiot in a Piper Cub strays the teensiest bit from the Reagan airport lanes, Air Force jets will be all over them within minutes, and will either shoot them down or escort them to Andrews. My guess is whatever hit the Pentagon was moving at a rate faster than a commercial jet....and was going so fast that traffic along I-95 (which would have been crowded that time in the morning) never saw it coming.

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