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9/11 conspiracy theories don't hold up well if you investigate the claims the theorists make.

I do think these bunglers in the Bush crime family had the warnings thrown in their noses before hand and either were too inept to make the connections or ignored them willfully.

Its beyond the realm of logic to think these clowns were capable of masterminding and executing such a complicated undertaking given their track record.

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Well....That "Plane"(Flight 93) was on the ground here at Hopkins Airport, getting searched,when the 'other" Flight 93 was "Crashing" in Shanksville...FACT: A very good friend of mine was working on the runway expansion job at Hopkins, when a dozen unmarked vehicles made them evacuate the job(200 laborers,machine operators, trucks FULL of concrete etc).A news reporter also leaked the story, and a signed Document by then Mayor Michael White surfaced stating Flight 93 was grounded due to a bomb scare.This whole 9-11 thing stinks...once again,money, power, lies, corruption......

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What baffles this guy, is: wreckage, debris, tires,etc. All we saw was a hole....do you realize what kind of explosives are needed to dissolve a commercial airliner? At the Pentagon Too...C'mon I didnt just fall off an Olive Boat..

The site that is linked is the "web fairy", so I guess if you believe in fairies you can also believe everything written on their site.


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Before mindlessly dismissing this as "just another conspiracy theory" you need to actually take the time and READ IT.

Our government told us that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray were all "lone nuts" who single-handedly assassinated three of the major political figures of our time and changed the course of history.

On the afternoon before 911, Donald Rumsfeld was being raked over the coals by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about not being able to "account for" over TWO TRILLION DOLLARS ( literally 1/4 of the Pentagon's total budget) that had somehow "disappeared." A video of that testimony is on YouTube.

It would have been a HUGE STORY if those planes(?) hadn't hit the twin towers the next morning, and then conveniently hit the Pentagon in the exact section of the building that housed the ACCOUNTING OFFICE.

Anyone with half a brain can see that there are WAY too many problems with the "official story". If you don't believe something on the "web fairy"page, cross reference it.

The president's brother, Marvin Bush, was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines for years, up until just a few months prior to 911.

Eyewitness reports said there was "no wreckage" at the Pentagon crash site. The coroner at Shanksville reported "no bodies, not a drop of blood, nothing" at that site where Flight 93 supposedly went down.

A bunch of the so-called hijackers lived in an apartment "a stone's throw" from the gates of the National Security Agency, the largest security agency in the United States. Larger than the CIA and FBI combined.

There has never been another steel high-rise, anywhere, that has collapsed from fire damage.

Interestingly, all the steel from the wreckage of 911 (which was evidence of a crime) was immediately shipped to China and India, before it could be examined for traces of explosives. It disappeared just like the wall and door panels in the basement of the Ambassador Hotel, and JFK's Limousine. Why?

Literally NO ONE saw a plane actually hit the Pentagon. They saw planes flying near the Pentagon, or over their heads, but no one saw a plane impact the building and the hole doesn't match a Boeing passenger jet. All of the films ( from the nearby gas station and hotel ) were immediately confiscated. The Pentagon has got more security cameras around it than perhaps any structure on Earth. Why haven't we ever seen a photo or a film that actually shows a plane hitting the building?

These are just a few questions. There are literally HUNDREDS that need to be answered.

As always, follow the money.

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I'm not saying that it's not interesting reading, but it's hard to absorb the thought that all of 911 could have been orchestrated so well. I read everything on the link, and I'll probably read it again. The JFK issue is still unresolved 4+ decades later and I'm sure we will be talking about 911 for quite some time as well.

Regardless of how or why it happened, it was still a stunning day in our history.


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I was about a mile from the Pentagon, just across the Potomac on the morning of 9/11/01. The son of one of my best friends in the office worked at the Pentagon...which made her frantic, calling one number after another after another to see if Chris was still alive. Luckily, he worked on the other side of the building.....but told all of us over the speaker phone that military intelligence had told them that a missile had hit the building....which was consistent with all of the evidence.

No black box was ever recovered, nor was any wreckage seen in any of the footage on the news....nor did any witness on I-95 ever testify to seeing a plane flying that low (which would have been literally impossible to miss!)....nor did any camera in the area record the plane.

The part of me that's worked for the Govt. for 37 years wants to believe that any sort of a conspiracy or cover-up of this magnitude is impossible, if only for the reason that a conspiracy implies that you have multiple people in agreement over something (rarely happens in any Govt.agency or Dept.!)

On the other hand, we've learned after the fact that part of Lincoln's cabinet was involved in his assassination; that our government/President may very well have known that the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming, and did nothing; that JFK's assassination (most likely the closest thing ever in this country to a coup d'etat) and resulting investigation were both very suspicious, etc., etc. - so nothing would ever surprise me about 9/11.......

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Before mindlessly dismissing this as "just another conspiracy theory" you need to actually take the time and READ IT.

Eyewitness reports said there was "no wreckage" at the Pentagon crash site. The coroner at Shanksville reported "no bodies, not a drop of blood, nothing" at that site where Flight 93 supposedly went down.

Okay I've read it I had to go find a pair of Bill's reading glasses.

I don't know anything about conspiracies but when we look back of terrible events we want to see a rhyme or reason.

As for no blood or bodies that is not unusual. In ValuJet 592 that crashed in the Everglades on May 11 1996 there were no bodies either, just tiny pieces. My husband was one of the Homicide detectives that were in the hazmat suits picking up the pieces for weeks. Bodies liquefy and vaporize from the impact, it's ugly but it happens. There were also no large pieces of the plane.

Do you know any FBI agents,Secret Service or CIA employees? I do, First of all the are Americans, who chose to serve our country. Most of which are are very impressive, talented, well educated people who would have been successful in many other fields that would have been much more lucrative.

These are men and women with families and love their country.

I refuse to believe that American would ever commit this kind of act .

How many would have had to be in on it? Do you really think there are that many deviates with No moral conscience serving our country ? I do not

It's interesting in a sort of strange way, but I don't believe it is the truth

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I don't think it takes a "deviate" to shoot down a passenger jet, when he's been ordered to do it by the Pentagon and told there are hijackers onboard heading for the White House.

Beth, I'm not accusing anyone who bravely serves our country of being a "deviate". But there are some very, very disturbing questions surrounding many of these tragedies.

Most people would call Oliver North a patriot, but many of the things he did were against the law and the Constitution.

Personally, if I were conducting an investigation of the Kennedy assassination, I'd start with the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster. I see them as an intersection of a lot of bad things in American history. One was Secretary Of State, the other, Head of the CIA.

I think the men who killed Kennedy probably believed they were doing their patriotic duty. There don't have to be hundreds of people in on a conspiracy. You could probably pull it off with eight or ten people. Everyone else is just following orders and has limited knowledge of the "event".

I still want to know what happened to the 2.3 trillion dollars that was "missing" from the Pentagon's budget. Don't you think we should have heard a lot more about it? Where did all that money go Mr Rumsfeld?

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Beth - I agree 100% with your assessment of CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and most other Govt. employees - I've been one for 37 years myself.

The problem is - the rank and file of lifer Govt. employees, even those of us who are the highest grades and make maximum pay (paycapped by GS scale), are NOT the ones who ultimately make any major decisions....OR would be involved in conspiracies or cover-ups!

It's the politicians who come in every 4 or 8 years on the coat-tails of the latest administration, who are given the reigns of agencies/departments. They question everything we've ever done, and overrrule or countermand whatever they choose to do, practically always for political reasons/gain. They're the ones pulling the strings, and frankly, they're capable of just about anything, based on what I've seen over close to 4 decades! And they truly believe, as Eric says above, that what they're doing is in the very best interests of the country. Political appointees shouldn't be confused with Govt. workers!

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Not to name names, because I certainly can't prove anything, but our soon-to-be-leaving current President allegedly decided with Rove and Cheney back in early '01 that he would make a much better war-time President than a peace-time one. Not surprisingly, we wound up in 2 major wars in fairly short order. What better way to get the public behind you and on your side as far as going to war, than a sneak attack/series of attacks on American soil? History proved that it worked like a charm with Pearl Harbor and World War II. Perhaps this is just a huge coincidence that 9/11 happened, but it certainly gives one cause to stop, wonder and perhaps question.....

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I am reading a book called "The Shell Game" by Steve Alten. It is about the "Next 9/11". It is a fictional story but the author uses facts to tell his story. The facts come from before 2001 up to the present. Many of his facts are about the September 2001 attack. Very interesting reading. And of course, 9/11 happened because of OIL and the next "attack" is also about OIL.

Hey Eric, thanks for this interesting thread !

Jeff Engel


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From Miriam Webster Dictionary:



1 : to stray especially from a standard, principle, or topic

2 : to depart from an established course or norm <a flight forced by weather to deviate south>

transitive verb

: to cause to turn out of a previous course


1: one that deviates from a norm ; especially : a person who differs markedly from a group norm

2: a statistical variable that gives the deviation of another variable from a fixed value (as the mean)


: departing significantly from the behavioral norms of a particular society <deviate behavior>

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