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The Academy Awards!

Tim From Wisconsin

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They have a 'cattle call" for make-up artists and none of us go because of the bitching, moaning and egoes backstage. You would not believe what a nightmare it is. They all need to bring in "personals". I did it one year and that was enough for me.

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People, please don’t get offended by this…it’s just a comment from an outsider…

I wanted Rourke to win the oscar, cause I love him, I was really sad last night, But Penn, oh God he’s such a brilliant actor, one of the best ever, and an excellent human being as well, I admire him so much! About Venezuela stuff…hmmm, a very complex stuff, I know…But facts are facts,

and I always remember the fact when Penn was trying to help out in New Orleans, when he was in the collapsing city to aid stranded victims of flooding sparked by Hurricane Katrina. I also remember Bush “promises†for Hurricane Katrina victims. But the most I remember are “factsâ€â€¦

No, please! Penn must not move to Venezuela. I think your beautiful and great country needs more people (more human beings!) like him…

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