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I've been absent from the board for several months--planning my wedding, getting married, moving, etc..... Recently, I've been trying to read posts and have even done some posting, but I gotta say, "Where's the Gord"?!

I know at one point he was having trouble with his computer. Just miss his sweet comments!


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Hi Julia,

The wedding was awesome! Married life is wonderful--we both feel so blessed! I love my new farm--we're only a mile away from a lovely lake!

During the dance, we had "I Was Born to Love You", "Isn't it Romantic", and "Walk Away Renee" played. Actually, we only picked IWBTLY but the DJ (my bro) ended up playing the other 2.

And Ya, Billy K., where is Lost Control?? I knew there was somebody else that was absent!


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Julie, It sounds like a dream wedding, with great music. Your past year has been the perfect illustration of "you never know what wonderful thing is going to happen." You have to update your profile info with your new last name. What is it?!

Gord quits posting every once in awhile, and now and again Michele Lostcontrol and Lydia also leave the board for a bit. I hope all three are well. Perhaps they'll read this and come back soon.

Wishing you love on your "idyllic" new farm!

smile --Darlene

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Julie so glad everything is GREAT with you.

I received a letter from Gord 2 weeks ago. He is enjoying the summer and misses the internet so much.

He said to say hello to his fellow Raspberries fans. I am sure he would love to hear from anyone that is interested in writing to him. I think Bernie posted sometime ago that he would pass along Gords address.

Not sure though.


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I would like to share bits and pieces from the letter that Gord wrote to me. Enjoy!

What's happening lately on EC.COM with Eric and the guys? I don't have the internet anymore, due to costs and financial difficulties. I cannot make it to the library. Tied up babysitting.

Lately it has been too hot here in Hamilton,Ontario,to the point where you have to stay in your home(muggy).

I miss everyone and you. I am looking for another apt to live. I will let Bernie and you know the minute I find a new address,ok.

Yesterday and today the weather is at a comfortable point, cool and sunny. Great huh?

I've been going for walks and meeting people and talking.

Any news on the Raspberries DVD yet?

I'm hoping if the guys come to Toronto I can have my turn of getting a picture taken with them and Bernie and Kathy.

That's my big wish. I'm praying so hard for that,and everyday.

I keep an eye out in my newspaper for them hoping for them to be in Toronto or Hamilton.

I still have the button you sent me.I'm keeping that forever.

Your so nice. My summer is great.

I will soon be updating my computer so I can re-write my book.

I will be sending an update of photo of me to Bernie soon for everyone to see me.

I hope your summer is great too.

I want you to take care,I will write again soon.


Gord Harris

So sweet,huh?


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Yes all, I'm still alive.

Been too depressed to come to the site - I didn't get to go to see the boys play on my BIRTHDAY in New York (July 24th) and have a hard time reading about how much fun everyone else has - it's just too depressing for someone who doesn't get to go!

I got out the old Raspberries songs the other day, and have been blasting "Go All the Way" in the car for a few days now. I've been blaming my sore throat on a cold, but I'm pretty sure it's the singing that's the cause.

Hopefully I'll be able to bear coming back soon.

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