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Name Your Fav Childhood Lunchbox


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My Mom was mad at my Dad for something so when she made his lunch she cut out a piece of wax paper the shape of the bread and put it inside his sandwich.

All day long she worried that she had done the wrong thing;

then she was mad that he didn't call and say anything about it the tasty paper.

So, at dinner she confessed....turns out he never noticed the wax-paper in his sandwich and ate the whole thing crazy

Yum! Wax paper sandwich

We learned never to mess with my mother haha

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I ALWAYS had tea! My aunts claimed I was weaned on tea, being half-Irish.

When Imade soup and stuck it into the Thermos, I couldn't get the darn stuff outta it.

Tip: Never drink tea while reading here on your computer! Sometimes Cartmill's cracks have me roaring!

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I know there was a light-blue Monkees lunch box in the house, but I'm certain one of my four sisters used it.... I stuck with a superhero box --- Batman, I believe (though I could be wrong).

PS: Bernie, did I give you a copy of the Insider issue where we mentioned your Apollo XI website? If so, you might have noticed the Lost In Space lunchbox that recently sold for $1,500 on p. 15. It's amazing what some of those things are worth now.... I just got a note from a writer that a mint-condition 1954 Superman lunchbox just sold for around $19,500. Yikes...

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Yes Bernie, the Lost in Space box was cool. I always wanted to get either the Supercar or Fireball XL5 lunch boxes based on the hokey but fun marionette sci-fi shows. Parents said paper bags were good enough.

Oddly enough, I found the Supercar box in a vintage bookstore in Cambria, CA while on a motorcycle trip a few years back. Seventy-five bucks! For that kind of money, it would have to have been autographed by Mike Mercury and all his string-suspended pals!

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