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Superhero Quiz


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6 out of 10......and I'm afraid to say that I've never read a comic book other than Archie..in my life. (although the NY Times is comical for sure). I was more of a Mad magazine kid myself.

Many of the questions I knew from movie and TV adaptations. Cool quiz.


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Remember the Mad Magazine parodies of tv shows?

I remember 3-

The Walnuts (Waltons)

Clodumbo (Columbo)

and I can't remember the title of the 3rd one but it parodied Cannon. My favorite part of this one was about a car chase. Each frame was a different angle of the car speeding by and the last frame was a view of the underside of the car! I thought it was hilarious!

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9/10... and I protest the one I got wrong... the Captain America question...

Mad's TV rip-offs were so stupid sometimes they were funny...

Like "How-Are-You, Five-Oh"... and "Cattlecar Gallactica" (From the original series... though that might have been "Cracked" magazine... wink )

My personal fave, however... back in the '70's Mad would have special editions that came with those cheap pull-out records... they did an issue that tore up "All In The Family"... "Gall In The Family Fare" they called it...

Well... the record was an "episode"... where Archie's "old war buddy" is coming by for a visit... and it turns out to be Adolph Hitler! laugh

I still remember the final joke from that... when "Adolph" gets caught at Archie's house...

"Oh, we're not from the war crimes commission, Dolph-baby," they tell him, "we're from the television network and we're here to offer you your own prime-time series!"

"Yeah," the other exect says, "If a show featuring this clown is a hit, yours would be a smash... let's see... "Fuhrer Knows Best"... how 'bout "Dolph in the Family?"...

OK... I know... too much of my brain is filled with useless stuff... wink

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