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Rick James Found Dead


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Rick James had some neuro-muscular problems, as a result of drug use. And being in jail for a while did not help, either. So I would imagine his system was in a weakened condition.

But "Super Freak" is a real work of genius, kind of a "pocket symphony"....it seems that you can hear something different in the song that you missed the previous time, despite the fact that it is a STANDARD-length song. (As compared to "Bohemian Rhapsody", etc.)

In my personal opinion, only "Good Vibrations" (Beach Boys) and "Smooth"(Santana) have the same thing going for it---despite the fact the styles are totally different.

Yeah, you've got punk rock organ on it. You have James taking a more operetic style of delivery, compared to what he did on "You and I" or any other one of his songs. And you got the Temptations on backup vocals. There's a lot more to it than the first look of it being just another funky hit dance song.....

And he did play a number of instruments rather well, though not in the same category as Prince or Todd Rundgren.

Plus, he had taken full advantage of the cross-border collaboration. When you live in a city near the Canadian border, it's easy to get Canadian collaboration, and qualify for the "Canadian Content" criteria.

If you look at the performance rights organization listed, you will often see "CAPAC". Which is a rarity for a Motown artist, as most are "BMI" or "ASCAP". And James was Buffalo-based,

which has a bit smaller music scene as apposed to the larger cross-border towns of Seattle, Detroit and Cleveland.

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