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hollies, check it out-newsflash!


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the debate was good, very refreshing to hear two intelligent speakers; a welcome change coming from the top down

hollies, the remark about reading the Sun was a joke - it's british fluff! glad to hear u r also broadening ur horizons w/ huffington post

& let's use a bit of you own logic here: republican-led admins & congresses have been recklessly stripping away regulations in every business sector they could get their hands on for 20 of the past 28 years, *especially* the last 8 - even McCain acknowledges that...

...so it's widely renown common knowledge - & so, just because you deny it, it doesn't make it so - you see? so you might wanna stop sippin' on the Cuomo-spiked Denial Koolaid

however, even tho' you voted for the wrong candidate the last two times (ie: the one most responsible, along w/ his congress, for creating this mess), your vote for McCain has some shred of accountability b/c he is the only repub candidate among contenders to have won the nomination who will at least try to re-institute some of these regulations (tho' prob much fewer than are needed to be put back in place)

i'm not out to change ur mind, btw, just out to call u on the floor when u overlook & omit truth & realities if they are not convenient to you slant or agenda, like Rush has made a career out of. i'll give u this over him tho', even tho' u r on the same slant: he lies, blatantly, & you don't

it's hardball, baby! actually, as much as i enjoy it, i may be ready to take a breather from this stuff, so i jumped on over to your other post & voted for ur photo - i've never known a Repub photographer! (at least i assume you took that pic). it's excellent, & classic - ur son? nephew? do i at least have the gender right?

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