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Bypass the pictures, c'mon down Eric - it's nice here, but don't delete the thread just yet. I have been on the road the last two weeks and am still trying to catch up (and warm up - Rochester, MN wind chill -2 below 0).

Re: 9/11 - There's a radio talk show host in Orlando (Jim Philips) who has been incredulous for the last 7 years that when "W" was informed by the Secret Service agents of the attacks, while reading to school children, he continued to read for a full 7 minutes before he did anything. Now that's odd. Has that surfaced anywhere?

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No need to delete the thread. A free exchange of ideas on any important subject is a good thing. Then again, if I thought for one second that our leaders were cold blooded killers, I would be beyond depressed. Imagine the scope of involvement necessary. Eric, it can't be true.

I often wonder how those of you who live up north manage when the days are so short and the weather is so cloudy, snowy or very cold. We get about 2 months cumulatively or so of cold dreary weather. However, you can always depend on a break when the sun comes out and the temperature hits 60. So, my suggestion is that we all get together in Atlanta or somewhere in Florida for a Raspberries "Sunshine Concert" in February!

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Ted, in answer to your question, YES, it's surfaced EVERYWHERE!!

That's just one out of literally HUNDREDS of strange, unanswered questions floating around 911. Some stare you right in the face (like W. continuing to read) and others are deeply hidden and very complicated ( try googling AIG + Elliot Spitzer + 911 ).

As for the number of people involved in a conspiracy, most of the people involved are military or following orders given by a superior. There are undoubtedly a LOT of people who know something is wrong, but as "Fabled Enemies" illustrates, they've been threatened with losing their jobs, reputations and pensions, along with being "smeared" and subjected to ridicule if they come forward. And keep in mind that a group that doesn't mind killing 3,000 Americans, 4200 + American soldiers, and countless Iraqi civilians, probably isn't going to worry about taking out a couple of dozen more troublemakers if they need to (google "Who Killed John O'Neill).

Raspathens, I actually DON'T think you should watch that last link. I don't want to be responsible for plunging you into a deep depression right before the holidays.


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Eric, As you suggested, I googled Who killed John O'Neill - Hmm - another in the long list of coincidences.

I recently purchased The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright and am a short way into it, but it's a tough read. Tough meaning hard to follow all the Arab/Muslim names and their ties to one another. It's an amazing book that takes the reader back to the assassination of Anwar Sadat and radical Islam from that time to today. It's a historical look at the way in which Al-Qaeda came into being. I mention this because I understand there is extensive coverage of John O'Neill in the book.

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Eric is right. I live in New York City and it's always a major downer any time I'm in lower Manhattan not seeing the Towers there and flashing back to the horror of that day. People need to wake up and come to the understanding that what we've been told by the government and media about 9/11 has not been the truth. Seeing G.W.B. read that children's book with absolutely no look of surprise on his face when he's given the "news" of the first WTC plane crash is pretty glaring. While we can do nothing about it, and it is depressing as hell, knowing the truth is better than burying your head in the sand.

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I could probably continue sending these links for the next 30 years or so. That's how much information is out there. I've just discovered a treasure trove of articles, all from the "mainstream" press. CNN, ABC News, The New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, CBS News....the list goes on and on.

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There are a number of very odd things when you examine Bush's behavior that morning.

First of all, he reported seeing the first plane hit the WTC on a television BEFORE he entered the classroom (there's video of this statement). There is no way that can be true unless he was watching it on a closed circuit T.V., because the first plane hitting the WTC was not shown on television until September 12th!

Then, when Andy Card comes in and whispers that a second plane has hit, and we're "under attack", what does Bush do? He decides to sit and read a story about a pet goat for SEVEN MORE MINUTES. He's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND HE'S JUST BEEN INFORMED WE'RE "UNDER ATTACK" FOR CYIN' OUT LOUD!!! You get up, politely apologize to the kids, while saying something like "I'm sorry, but something has come up, and I have to attend to it", and you get your dumb ass back on Air Force One and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! For all he knew, the terrorists could have had a plane heading for that school right then!


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Tony, just watch "Fabled Enemies." Sometimes "paranloia" is just another way of saying "heightened awareness."

Hell, the two heads of the 911 Commission wrote a freakin' book about their problems getting information, and how they were stonewalled and lied to by the White House, CIA and FBI. And these guys (Kean and Hamilton) were hand picked because they could be counted on to do the President's bidding (Kean had MAJOR conflicts of interest). Another one of the commissioners, Max Cleland, was so pissed off about being denied access to important documents that he quit the commission!

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....and some people really beleive the Holocaust never happened too.

You can "spin" things anyway you want these days and come up with some sort of evidence to support your own way of thinking.

Deleting this thread would be wrong....it's a discussion board....for those of who it depresses....just stay away. Unless there is a little "paranoia" setting in for some the major conspiracy theorists here?

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I'm not sure I understand your last post, Harry.

If I were paranoid, I wouldn't have started the thread in the first place, or continued sending link after link.

The only "spin" on 911 came from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the mainstream media.

I can assure you that, given a choice, i would absolutely choose to believe our government. Unfortunately, logic, reason and the facts don't support their assertions, and I am certainly not the only one who thinks the official story is absurd.

There are literally hundreds of problems with this story that are either too coincidental to possibly be true, or are out and out lies.

I truly wish this was not the case. I have an eleven year old and an eight year old who have to grow up in this world.

When I read these odd stories, I think about our President moralizing about the "sanctity of human life" when he talked about his views on stem cell research and abortion. I'd like to think the "sanctity of human life" applies to grown up American citizens (and Iraqi citizens), as well.

Contrary to what you might think, I don't relish this stuff at all. I find it incredibly disturbing, but that doesn't mean I can ignore it, and pretend it didn't happen.

Here's a list of just 250 of the "coincidences" that occurred.


Does anyone actually think this could happen in the real world?

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I guess it was the deleting the thread part that lead me to the paranoia comment. (I have the upmost respect for your opinion, by the way.)

I'm not disputing the fact that you could be right...I'm just saying that with the way information is transmitted and with today's technology...anyone can construct a valid argument for almost anything and have a certain number of people beleive it to be fact.

You have made some very good points and the evidence is there to support much of it, but my gut tells me, that more than anything....there was utter incometence and stupidy involved more than anything else. They just aren't SMART enough in Washington to have orchestrated this whole thing and gotten away with it.

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I wish I believed that, Harry. i really do.

I just can't fathom the idea that all the coincidences "just happened".

To me, it looks like there was a very detailed plan to move fighter jets far AWAY from the Northeast quadrant on 911, by scheduling multiple "exercises" for the military.

There's also way too much testimony from people who were in the WTC buildings and escaped, that heard explosions going off on floors below them.

And then, of course there's this.


And this.



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