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Eric Carmen

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Hi Eric!

Almost a year ago to the day. You said to me back stage after the Cleaveland show how you almost included "She Did It" into the set. As that is my favorite song from your solo collection, I was very excited that the song was even considered.

Music is what you do best Eric. Stick to your Knitting. These theories are beyond belief in a lot of cases.

You are above all of that. By the way, thanks for making my kids and my step kids feel so welcomed in your home town last year.

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"Curious" stuff out there for sure. NORAD and the FHA went to great lengths to cover up their

ineptitude....but nothing out there confirms something as outragous as one of our own missles hitting the Pentagon.

I might buy into the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone but to think that any part of the events of 9/11 was our own doing, is simply beyond belief.

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Hey Marcus,

Have you ever actually read the "Project for The New American Century" manifesto?

There's nothing unbelievable about any of this stuff. The only thing that's 'unbelievable' is the idea that we've been asked to believe that on 9/11/2001, NORAD, the FAA, The National Guard and our entire military air defense system was unable to prevent an attack on the Pentagon by a hijacked commercial jet, flown by an amateur pilot, thirty-four minutes after THE ENTIRE WORLD KNEW WE WERE UNDER ATTACK. Now THAT'S unbelievable.

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I gotta say that after the initial shock of the attack in 2001, I read all I could on the subject and went along with the "official' determinations. But darn you Eric, ever since you posted all of these links, I've been glued to the damn computer reading/watching everything available AGAIN. And it's changed my mind. I can see why you're so strong on your opinion regarding the attacks. I wasn't, but now I'm a believer. eek

I'm going to start my own country now. I wonder if a 6ft fence around my 7 or so acres is enough to keep the bad guys out? That's not gonna be cheap ... hmm, maybe a bigger guard dog. insane Being a teenager and really digging Raspberries was SO much more less stressful!

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This whole idea of not being able to trust our leaders and our government is so difficult to fathom... that many will opt to deny what evidence is actually out there. Would love to hear John weigh in on this... from a psychological perspective.

Little Caylee Anthony's grandparents (especially the grandmother) is in such denial of everything from her own daughters mental issues, to going on "Caylee" sightings the authorities have already checked out.

My point is, denial is a powerful way to cope... I personally don't know what is real anymore.

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Well, MJ,

I was 13 years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and 17 or 18 when Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered. I went to school with guys who were killed in Viet Nam. After Nixon, it became clear that not everything we're told by those in positions of authority is the truth.

Like all of you, I watched in horror as those poor people burned and leaped to their death from The World Trade Center on 911. I initially believed the "official story," just like most Americans.

However, I read a lot, and I'm a bit of a history buff, and I don't like what has happened to our country in the wake of 911. And the more I read, the more obvious it is to me that something is terribly wrong with the "official version" of what happened. Call me "old-fashioned", but I'd still like to believe in the people we elect, and I'd like to believe the decisions they make are in our best interest. If you haven't looked at a single link I've put up during this conversation, except the last one, you know there are a lot of people, including congressmen, senators, the media and members of the 911 Commission, itself, who are very disturbed by the roadblocks they have encountered trying to get to the bottom of what happened on that fateful day in 2001.

I don't like being lied to. There are so many inconsistencies and strange coincidences, that a conspiracy involving some very high ranking officials in our own government is becoming harder and harder to rule out. And if, in fact, our own government was complicit in the attacks on 911, then America is no longer a constitutional democracy and none of us are safe. If they'll lie to us about this, then they'll lie to us about anything.

When you have some time, MJ, click on that last link and watch it. Then you'll understand why I'm more than a little concerned.

I've tried to share some of the information available with you, because I think it's important, but obviously, it's too uncomfortable for some people to wrap their minds around. Unfortunately, I suspect that's just what the perpetrators are counting on.

Believe whatever you want. I'm done with this thread, and I'll delete it in a day or two. It is pretty depressing.


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Eric - I did watch it - and I can see all your points they are valid - but it is such a depressing thing to watch it breaks my heart. I don't trust anyone in government - which is why I really don't even try to discuss politics.

I was only 3 when Kennedy got shot but I remember it vividly - my mother and I were in the car driving from her hair appointment when it came on the radio. I remember watching the funeral on tv - even though I was very young I new it was an important thing to remember. I also remember when MLK was assasinated and Bobby as well. Later on as I got older I understood what was going on. You can't trust anyone but yourself - and sometimes - even that is questionable lol.

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