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She shopped 'til she dropped


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Yesterday, my younger brother took my mom shopping in Omaha, and while they were making their purchases, my mom passed out, clunking her head on the counter (they were at WalMart) and then landing on her behind. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital. She's got a big ol' goose egg on her head and a sore tailbone. We made the trip down here as soon as we heard.

She hasn't been feeling well since Christmas but they can't really find anything wrong with her. She's 82, so anything can happen. Dehydrated, vomiting, just not feeling well.

Please remember her in your prayers--she's such a sweetie--you'd all just love her!



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Julie hope your Mom is ok. I lost my mother at an early age (64), and I would crawl on my stomach for one more day with her. This is for your mother Julie and everyone's mom. It was a mothers poem to her son:

My body fed your body son

but birth's a swift thing

Compared to one and twenty years

of feeding you with spirits tears

I could not make your mind and soul

but my glad hands have kept you whole

Your groping hands bound me to life with ruthless bands

And all my living became a prayer

while all my days built up a stare

For your young feet that trod behind

that you in aspiring way should find

Think you that life can give you pain

which does not stab in me again?

Think you that life can give you shame

which does not make my pride go lame?

For you can do no evil thing

which sears me not with poison sting

Because of all that I have done

remember me in life oh son

Keep that proud body fine and fair

my life is monumented there

For my life make no woman weep

For my life hold no woman cheap

And see you give no woman scorn

For that dark night when you were born.

My mother once told me that once you lose your mother you have lost your best friend in life. How right she was.

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Hey Julie. Your mum (Kiwi for Mom)is certainly in our prayers as are you and your family. pray

Having lost my parents some years ago I can only agree with the comments of valuing every moment you have with them. There are times when I still think,"I must talk to Dad about that!", and then realise I can't anymore. That's why Kiwi is so precious to me!! She's willing to listen "like a Dad!". LuvLove

Muzza cool

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You and your Mom are in my prayers that all is well. I lost my Dad 15 years ago, he was only 67. My Mom will be 77 this year and is still working helping the elderly at an assisted living facility. We keep telling her to cut down her hours but she is still working 30 hours a week. She's a Rock !! I picked her up at noon today and we went out for lunch and then did a little shopping. No incidents but after 3 hours she said "I'm ready to go home!" Love her to pieces, she's my idol. GO MOM !

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