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Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!


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Ahhh, the pressures of everyday relationships...!That's why we need Raspberries music, so we can all get into a dewy-eyed haze of the happy days gone by...On a serious note, it's very upsetting to see one's parent completely become someone else. I missed my mother's real personality too, Tony. I cared for her at home, and she became my very fragile, beautiful little girl. She DID know us and she knew what was going on. A very dear friend sent me a cd of Eric's unreleaseds, and it was my mom's favorite. Although she couldn't speak, (couldn't articulate her thoughts), she WAS thinking clearly all the time, and would always say, "Put it on!" And I would ask, "Your favorite?" She would answer, "Yes." And I would play it from beginning to end. She would smile, sometimes get tears in her eyes, and I would hug her and say, "Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful music?" She would always nod and smile or just say "yes." We did that a lot just before she said goodbye. Those are the moments I will always cherish most. The only good thing about Alzheimers is that there is time to plan and tell your loved ones you love them, say everything you need to say, unlike a sudden heart attack or a car accident. For that, I'm so grateful.

It takes a long time, but you will eventually find comfort in memories of the time you spent with your dad.

smile --Love, Darlene

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I'm around some, and I am going at it with Carmen and Libby-but-Cool DougJack on the Catholic Church thread...

My Dad died on Saturday after a long brain- wasting illness and my wife is (encouraging) me to drop some of my hobbies (This site, Some TV, Football Sundays) so I can work more and make more money for the future...Maybe if I drop her, I can keep my hobbies and save money not supporting her...Hmmmmmm confused

Marvin keeps me informed and all your wonderful posts about the exciting times keep me addicted when I can sneak on the board.

Tony, very sorry to hear the news. btw, i also have the same wife as you. its all about money.
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No, I haven't, come to think of it. Thanks for reminding us, Poor4Life! Bushman, WHERE ARE YOU? We miss you! There's so much going on. I hope you're alright. PLEASE post ASAP!

smile --Darlene

UPDATE: i have have been very busy lately but its finally paying off for me though. 2005 was a very difficult year. my wife left me (because i'm not rich enough apparently) and i moved on my own in January. however, this January things are quite different (way better). 2006 opened up with a new series of orders from new Customers.

i began a blog in 2005 and i talk a lot about the different countries i've traveled to. lots of photos and videos too. blog

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