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Sorry Conservatives, Obama is just too slick, too good at communicating that he is a moderate, not a left-wing socialist that his record might suggest.

McCain is trying to get the jabs in, but he doesn't know how to get the message across to convince the average angry American that he's gonna be that much different than the last Republican dude, who talked a good game, then went on to preside over the worst Republican administration since Warren G. Harding.

I was the first person here to say moderate Republicans had to vote Barack as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln.
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wow, i step out for a few days & return to see that Raspberrywine & LC, like myself, both have a bead on hollies' & tony's number as well

y'all have to watch out tho' guys, this thing is slipping out of their grip, which frustrates a neo-con more than anything on the planet. they will not only take their ball & go home, they'll try & tear you down as traitors on the way out (w/out wishing you "good luck w/ our mess")

heh.. it'll all be over soon guys. then it's on w/ the task at hand of trying to undo The Shrub Years (neo-cons here must be so proud) & trying to forget the joke that was Sarah Palin

but we shan't gloat..

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Actually, A-berries, I've been onto the right-wingers for a while, but I've taken a break* for the past couple months. I've been keeping tabs on your writings, though, and you're a far better spokesman for "the good guys" than I am. When my friend R-Wine started getting "the treatment," I offered a little help, but I'm glad to see you're back!

And yeah, I agree that the prospect of a McCain/Palin White House is getting darker. The question is, will even the staunchest Republicans rally 'round the new administration? And will Ms. Palin reappear in 4 and 8 years to run for president? And what will happen to the Tina Fey/SNL reunion?

* About that break: It was getting a little "un-fun," partly because Obama/Biden wasn't my "dream ticket," and partly because the right-wing rhetoric was getting overblown and off-topic. But when you step back a little bit, you realize... these are good folks we're arguing with. They have great taste in music, and they're smart, and they're passionate, but sometimes things get out of hand: "The stiletto cuts quick, Like a whip through the air/Long distance winners, Will we survive the flight/Not one of us runs from the firelight.... Everyone fights, and the fire flies," as Stevie Nicks said.

Fireflies (H-65, there are some great pics of Stevie in this "collage" video.)

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yeah, we def play a little hardball on these boards, like most political blogs, but thats part of what makes it fun, & hopefully no one takes things too personally, in spite of people locking into their positions

it strikes me that conservatives, moderates, & liberals can all find some things to like about McCain, but far right neo-cons cannot allow themselves to, & will always be disappointed (unless Rush Limbaugh & Dick Cheney's love-child were elected)

man, the more i think about the whole Sarah Palin debacle, the more absolutely stunning it is, & McCain & party have no one to blame but themselves. don't worry tho', she will NOT be back running in 2012, that's a no-brainer for them..

for one of the funniest things i've seen yet about Palin, check this pic out re: comparing prez candidates to trains

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It's a well coordinated media effort to make Palin out as a baffoon, just because she is a conservative woman ("Good God, you mean there really is such a thing? What's that? She believes in God and is pro life? Get her! Kill her. I don't care what it takes, do not give this woman any credibility! Send out the dogs! Find any dirt you can! Give it to Olbermann, Maddow, Couric,...They know how to spin it and make every conservative look bad.")

...But the truth is, Biden makes twice as many gaffs as Palin, and nobody but talk radio mentions it. The latest:

"This is all about 3 letters, J O B S..."

Imagine if Palin said that.

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wow, blaming Palin's buffoonery on the media instead of on her lack of intellect, & being in completely over her head, & being unqualified for the position, & hiding behind style over substance, & being unversed on the issues, & etc etc etc is taking a mighty, mighty swim up De Nial River

she has also roundly been criticized by conservatives, Tony - sorry, but there's no way around it, & your media conspiracy doesn't hold a drop of water - just ask the latest dismayed conservative: Colin Powell

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hollies, just because someone doesnt swing as hard right over the line as yourself doesnt mean he isnt conservative, relative to the middle or the left

besides, youre missing the point: Palin is a buffoon. one of the funniest things to witness this election cycle has been to watch "conservative-or-death" types refuse to groan about Palin, or in this case to blame her ineptitude on the media boogieman

McCain truly could not have picked a worse, or more lame, candidate. she will def go down in the Dan Quayle & George W. annals of lameness..

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whether McCain wins or loses, a star has been born...Palin will be a player for years to come.

oh lord.. alright, let's reconvene & trumpet her brilliant post-McCain career in about 10 years to see if she can still hold a candle to... Quayle's post-15 minutes. 'scuse me, i think i just threw up a little in my mouth..

meanwhile, you might wanna get that fever checked out, h-bomb..

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i'm looking fwd to watching her fade into the sunset off the national stage & back to alaska (& "her base"), where she belongs, apparently fits in, & can stop embarrassing herself here in the lower 48

am i "out of it"? "a star is born" is what's out of it. but it's really funny too, so i gotta hand that to ya

dude, people everywhere are cringing over her, jaw-droppingly stunned & amazed, embarrassed for her, etc etc etc & for all the obvious, right reasons. she has really cost mccain..

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Funny...I never looked forward to Ferraro slipping off the national stage, or Mondale or Benston going away for that matter. In my heart, if someone is inconsequential, who cares what happens to them....they're friggin' inconsequential. So I don't know why the left is so concerned about "Caribou Barbie" fading off into the sunset.

I've been lucky to split my time between NYC ( very blue zip code) and Naples, FL (very red zip code) the past fourteen years. I reckon the jaw-dropping is happening in Chelsea while the prideful fist pumping occurs in North Naples.

Does University of TX Football worry about Rice or Baylor? No. But something about this woman fills the left with concern the likes of which I haven't seen since Reagan circa 1981. IMHO.


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I am amazed that our left-wing zealots are so happy to embrace the Dem leaders' upcoming American Socialist Revolution, when history shows that socialism in a large country and/or economy has never worked as well as forms of capitalism. And the big totalitarian countries that were more socialist/communist (China/Russia/India) are starting to thrive economically by becoming more and more capitalistic? Some here are so happy to go the other way and turn America further downward economically.

Doesn't anybody on the left understand or remember world history?...or human nature?

I know, I know...Bush and both parties have resided over this emergency socialist bailout because of stupid Gub-ment policies and criminal Wall Street behavior...


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Yes, Palin is " a player for years to come " certainly. She will most likely be Mayor of Fairbanks about 4 years from now. An excerpt from an interview conducted today by the Wall Street Journal:

Reporter: Governor Palin, these are crucial times. The country could be headed for a depression. Why do you believe John McCain's plan to revitalize the economy is superior to Obama's?

Palin: Well you betcha I just do. Cause Obamas a terrorist and wants to give your tax monies to socialist pigs like Dennis Kocinich. I , myself like to drink beer like regular folks and spend my tax money on myself. On shoes, or beer. Or watching on hockey. Gosh, gee willikers, have I mentioned I go to church sometimes?

Reporter: Governor, I am not sure I understand your answer. What are your feelings about how McCains plan can play into the global factors of this international debt crisis?

Palin: Gotcha there Joe. Didnt catch yer drift the first time around there! You see Alaska is pretty close to another international place, that being Russia. And Canada too. They play hockey in Canada and they drink beer too. But they like to spend their own tax dollars on beer when they can. And on shoes. Shoes that are very warm given the climate change issues. But they dont want big government on their shoulders. They dont want snow either. The best thing to do there buddy,is just say no to debt. And to long winters.

Reporter: Governor, on another important matter, what do you see as the weaknesses in Obama's policies? Why is he not as strong a candidate as McCain.

Palin: Well, apart from everyone should scared of him because hes a communist that goes to cocktail parties with terrorists, he also has a funny name. "McCain" just sounds very American, doesnt it? The worst thing is those there cocktail paties Obama goes to, they dont drink beer there like Joe Six Pack from Texas or Minnesota. They drink martinis and talk about the New York Times and French food. And we all know about the French, dont we? When I am in control of the Senate as Vice President I will dismiss it every time they mention Roe vs. Wade."

Reporter: Governor, anything to say before closing?

Palin: Yes, this is a a very important election. After 8 years of Republican incompetence that has left this country on its knees, its time for a real change. John McCain and I are mavericks. We arent like real Republicans, we arent interested in abusing power and favoritism for the powerful. We like beer, and regular folks like the gun toters of Pennsylvania, and even the factory red necks of southern Ohio. We like people that eat corned beef hash and fart and arent ashamed of it. We love you all, we truly do and give us your vote and I assure you we will privitize the entire country so that eventually you will need to contact an insurance company just to go to the bathroom."

Reporter: I can see that your extensive experience in Alaska will translate well to the national level.

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No defending socialism RBW? No finding in history where it helps the economy grow or gives people in the middle, or even lower middle like me a chance to rise to a better place?


Oh yeah, what a dumb Barbie clown Sarah is... :rolleyes:

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Yes TC and also abused her power, oh yes but they couldnt press a legal charge since her husband carried the ball as enforcer. Very clever, we need those types in Washington. I think they call them Lobbyists. Regarding socialism, again do the research, America has been quasi-Socialist since 1932. We may not like it, but its the truth. The notion of Obama introducing Socialism is as absurd as the notion of Palin introducing thoughtful discourse into this election.

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