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Tony Cartmill

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Here's a good one for ya Austin " somebody called Obama a terrorist, boo hoo" berries...

so knowing that we do how it infuriates you if someone tells what you perceive as a lie about mccain/palin, this implies its ok to lie as wildly about obama as one may deem fit. classic, textbook repub/conservative double standard. the desperation showing here & in the mccain camp sho' aint pretty these days..
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Originally posted by austinberries:

hollies - your mantra = "obama is a puppet"

so lay out your conspiracy theory for me here, but check your paranoia at the door - who, in your mind, is puppeteering Obama? i can't wait for this one..

My guess is the "One-World-Order-Socialist-Knock-America-Down-From-Superpower-Status-Created-From-Capitalism-So-They-Will-Fall-In-Line-With-The-Rest-Of-The-Euro-Socialist-Crowd", while China, Russia, and the Middle East do whatever the hell they want.

George Soros and his buddies are so happy right now they are having giggle fits.



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A-Berries - My qualms about Obama have more to do with questions that still have yet to be answered.....and I'm not going to simply rely on blind faith that he's a very smart guy, and will do the right thing, as so many Dems appear to be doing.

As a long-time Gub-ment manager, for example, I'm curious about why I wouldn't be allowed to hire Obama as a GS-5 Clerk typist if I chose to, because there's a damn good chance he couldn't pass any sort of a security background check!

If Ayers, Wright or any of his other past associations are in any sort of an FBI file (and I'm guessing they are), I couldn't get past first base in trying to hire the guy....yet he's on the verge of being my boss's boss's boss's boss!

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The accusations of treason, and yelling "hang him", etc., directed at Obama at Republican rallies, frankly, scare the living sh*t out of me! It's bad enough that there are rumors floating around about being able to bet in Australia and several other foreign countries about how long B.O. might live should he be elected.....this kind of crap is the reason for it! At least McCain appears to be trying to shut the hecklers up...only to get booed himself!

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Barack Obama is not a terrorist and Sarah Palin is not a C**t. It just goes to show that there are scumbags & wack jobs that reside on both sides of the fence.

All of the candidates are decent human beings and don't deserve to be trashed personally. I believe they all feel that they can make a difference or they would'nt be running.

Now.. the bottom line is that everyone is going to vote for the candidate that is most aligned with them politically, socially, & economically.

...and that's the way it should be.



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Oh dear, I thought the word people had on their tee shirts about Sarah was "b-tch." The *c* word is much worse. How rotten is that?

I heard that people were saying she ought to be STONED to death! You never hear what the other side does from the mainstream media though, do you?

Obama actually said "share the wealth" in a redistribute the wealth socialist kind of way. He's not even hiding it.

America means anyone who works can have what they want if they work and SAVE for it. However, if you just put your hand out and spend what you're given and never save for your own goals, why should people who DO work work for YOU?! I haven't been teaching 41 years and saving just to hand it over to someone because a socialist candidate (who is generous with other people's money but not his own!) says so.

No way, no how, no socialism!

Socialism sucks. I don't want it here.

smile --D

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Obama is beholden to those who shaped his philosophy and and political career. Two of the major shapers were William Ayers and Rev Wright...

OMG! hollies, this is easily your lowest point on the political boards! wow, what a cop-out, default, phoned-it-in analysis. i love it - when the facts won't do, baffle 'em w/ sensationalized sound bites..

so let me get this straight: you are 8 years old, & some guy you don't know in his 20's is an anti-government activist connected to some criminal gov't prop bombings. later, the guy goes through the judicial system, becomes a college professor, & you, now grown up a bit yourself, find yourself on a community anti-poverty fund board, upon which this older guy also coincidentally happens to sit, as part of his effort to make reparations. you go your separate ways & at some point a few years later he donates a few dollars to one of your early political campaigns, like so many others are doing. but miraculously he has shaped your entire political career & belief system & has practically converted you into a terrorist who can't be trusted - wow!!! how'd he do that to you? hypnotism?

for actual truth & facts, everyone on these boards, incl those who have tossed out similar demonizing molotov gossip cocktails (you know who you are), you should watch the even-handed Frontline documentary on both candidates tonight on PBS called Choice2008 (also watchable, i believe, at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/choice2008/)

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Sorry Austin, Ayers basically launched Obama's political career.Then Ayers and Obama spent years doling out millions to teach not math, reading or writing...but for 'how to fight authority', and 'how to be a radical' crap. Rev Wright's Afrocentric policies certainly are part of Obama's world view. He did not attend Wrights church and cite Wright as a big influence for nothing. Your saying that's phoned in analysis does not make it so...your retort paragraph is nothing more than the usual partisan rhetoric...as anyone reading it will see. Yeah...can't wait to tune into the Moyers network. Heh.

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hollies - you should try watching the Frontline special - i've seen it, & even tho' we are divergent on the candidates, i think you will see as i did is appropriately even-handed & generous to both candidates

the problem w/ the conservative/right-wing cry of foul re: PBS is that say this about *ANY* news outlet that doesn't spout their ideology, not just PBS, which serves to discredit them as much as anything out there

Frontline is a program that covers so many topics besides politics & their standards are so high that they would be discredited themselves & destroy their entire reputation if they ran a pro-one candidate special

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Good God Austin! If you don't think that Obama and Ayers spent time, while they were shelving out that 50+ million dollars, sharing mutual ideas about left-wing ideolgy and how to shape the minds of Chicago school kids about the wonders of socialism and economic "fairness", well, them that Texas heat down there is rotting your brain...

You are starting to sound like Olbermann. arrgh

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Politics in America these days is incredibly divisive, isn't it? There's so much hatred and ill will and bad feelings floating around.... No wonder why a lot of people just don't wanna deal with it.

As Obama moves closer to victory, I'm afraid it'll get even worse (as it would if McCain were winning). GOP vs. Dems = 21st-century Civil War.

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Good God Austin! If you don't think that Obama and Ayers spent time.... about how to shape the minds of Chicago school kids about the wonders of socialism... then that Texas heat down there is rotting your brain

wow, you guys & your "the Reds are still coming!!!" fervor (is Swayze's 'Red Dawn' in your video library?) would make Sen McCarthy proud. as we all know, Chicago soon fell to the merciless sword of Obama & Ayers' secret life-long pact of indoctrinating Chicago's youth, & to this day it is a Communist nation within a nation

all while your preferred party's administration is spearheading the biggest Socialist intrusion into American business & economic policy in the history of the country

Tony, did you know that George W & Repub-led congress are responsible for half ($5 trillion) of the $10 trillion federal debt accumulated since WWII? let that absolutely stunning factoid sink in for a minute - it's a laughable slice of absurdism that Repubs still try to call Dems the 'big-spenders' - the Repubs have been burning thru your money like there's no tomorrow, & like no other time in history... nothing even close

did you know that George W & Repub congress stripped away most of the regulations in place since the Great Depression to open up & allow for all the shadow economics & deceptive accounting & lending practices that lead directly to the current eco-meltdown? you don't think it happened to bother them that they could make a bunch of themselves very, very rich in the short-term at the expense of destabilizing the entire economy, do you? you're right, it didn't

so, if you did know these things, & you continue to vote for the same party that brought you this & so many other lies & disgraces for the past 8 years, it kinda begs to open the discussion about who's really been indoctrinated here

you guys really should try & check your O-paranoia at the door, it's really gettin' the best of you & meltin' your brains much more than this Texas heat could ever do

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Some truths there, Austin, except that Dems in the Clinton Era along with Frank and Dodds had just as much to do with the mortgage meltdown as any Bushbot. The pressure and the deregulations were in place to encourage banks to do these suicidal loans to poor people with little proof that they could pay them back. And no down-payment for a house? Idiotic! Even renters have to pay 1st and last months rent down!

So, once again, no denial of Obama's true beliefs, just always pointing out bad behavior from the other side in the past...SO OLBERMANN-LIKE

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So, once again, no denial of Obama's true beliefs, just always pointing out bad behavior from the other side

eh, no need for me to enumerate Obama's true beliefs, he does a very capable job doing that for himself. tune in tonight & you might learn a thing or two, but what you won't learn is that he's this commie/socialist/terrorist etc etc that some among y'all imply or outright claim, & has pulled a fast one on his entire party & half of America

& i love the rationale that looking at Bush & Co's searingly disgraceful track record is reeeeally inconvenient for you, too. nice.

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