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Tony Cartmill

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Sorry Conservatives, Obama is just too slick, too good at communicating that he is a moderate, not a left-wing socialist that his record might suggest.

McCain is trying to get the jabs in, but he doesn't know how to get the message across to convince the average angry American that he's gonna be that much different than the last Republican dude, who talked a good game, then went on to preside over the worst Republican administration since Warren G. Harding.

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McCain, you bi-partisan fool...You need to name names on both sides. You need to call them out and shame them, and tell the people that some heads will roll. And you are going to take your new pitbull back to Washington and tell the DC Machine, "There's a new sheriff in town, and some of you are going to need to look for other jobs, as of 5PM today..."

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I was waiting for John to remind the people that Bill Clinton promised a broad tax cut to the middle class in 1992. Then, when he got in, he said the economy was too tight to keep his promise. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT OBAMA CAN'T KEEP THE TAX CUT FOR 95% OF AMERICANS PROMISE SHAM...

Actually, since many of those 95% don't even pay taxes, and will get rebates from the evil rich taxpayers, where does Obama get this figure anyway?

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I'm disappointed at the unrealistic bias on both polls. It shows partisan idiots watch both channels.

I watch MSNBC too, because you have to keep an eye on your enemies.

Olbermann and Maddow need to be physically beaten, tar and feathered for what they are doing to journalism and cable news. (OK, a few less feathers for Maddow because she will entertain an opposing view on her show now and then)

Can you ever recall a news network or cable news channel that spent almost all of their prime time researching and spinning only negative stories about one side during an election year?...Then, they passionately defend "their guy" from stories other news organizations might dare to report?

it's time to break into Olbermann'a show during taping and beat him with a stick!

Who's with me? crazy

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Olberman forgets that this is not sports... and even in sports reporting you're supposed to leave your bias' at the door...

What should be more alarming to conservatives... mainstream radio (I had on in the car) is reporting that "on some of the questions McCain's answers seemed to be "left of" Obama..." planting the seed that Obama is the more "centrist" of the two would-be Mavericks... the truth is that McCain is more likely telling the truth about what he'd do while Obama is so busy trying to woo and win white-America that if he is elected we might all suffer from whiplash after watching the sharp turn to the left he takes... frown

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Many years ago, I had a bumper sticker on my car which read - "Ladies - Like What You See? If Not, Lower Your Standards!"

Regarding this upcoming election, I need to get one printed up - "McCain vs. Obama - Like The Choice? If Not, Don't Vote!"

The only thing that was made clear in last night's debate - that those two don't like each other!

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Marv, McCain and Obama both, while not Hee-Haw... leave me wondering what they're talking about... can't be the facts... 'cause neither, especially Barrack, seem to have a grasp on them... even as they relate to their own lives...

I've figured out, that for the most part, they are saying anything to get elected.

However, there seemed to be some passion for green/alternative energy coming from McCain.

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