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In the olden golden days of advertising, art directors carried around big-ass portfolios that weighed a ton and housed volumes of laminated ad reprints. About 7 or 8 years ago (and probably due to slipped discs caused by lifting said portfolios) many in my field downsized to smaller, more portable portfolios that fit into a manilla envelope. Just a few years ago, with the advent of inexpensive CDRs, a lot of art directors started delivering their work on disk. But now, that's all changed and a web site is the preferred method of trumpeting your successes. So, being the webmeister general and all, I've decided to jump into the fray. If you're curious what I do in my day job, you can check me out at:


A few holes still need to be filled in as I've been building this exclusively on plane rides from coast-to-coast, but there's enough there to give you the general idea.


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Bernie--Very accomplished stuff! Very impressive! I'd love to have been at some of those milk ad shoots. And so many other clever works beyond (I got a kick out of the NY Times ad, the GMC Crossover ad, and the "No More Tangles" sketch). Great, great stuff.

Hey, what about replacing the soundtrack with something from Eric? Like, "I Think I Found Myself"? :-)

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Wow Bernie, Nice work! I want to go buy a gallon of milk right now, but I'm lactose intolerant.

Next creative challenge: Producing the next RASPBERRIES / ERIC CARMEN MUSIC VIDEO!

And don't let Eric whine about creative concept differences, like he usually does. Just give him one of those Arnold Schwarzenegger, "TRUST ME" lines, and do your magic... wink

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