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Eric's New Album

Lew Bundles

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Recently, Eric has asked me to run a poll...He needs help deciding on the re-mixed tracks for his new re-issued retrospective CD...This responsibility is too great for me and I think we should leave it up to your vote...Keep in mind the generation that we are planning this album for...Generation Rx...Choose the 15 tracks you would most like to see remade...

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...or "It Hurts Too, Mush!"

"She Remembered (But I Can't!)"

"My Gall (Bladder)"

"Top Down Comb-Over Summer"

"My Heart Stopped"

"American As Apple Puree"

"Get It Moving, Please!"

"Come Around and See Me (You Don't Ever Write, You Don't Call!)"

"I Can't Remember"

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Aren't we forgetting "My Heart Stops (Momentarily)", "Hey Dea-- I Can't Remember", (an amalgamated song), and of course, "Never Say... That Word."

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy.

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