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I have never heard of the group Keane but I heard of The Keane Brothers (Tom & John). The song called "Sherry" went to # 84 (Hot 100) back in December of 1976. They also had a Summer variety show which ran on CBS from August 12 to September 2, 1977. They also made an appearance on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" (Showtime Day: Friday) back in May or June of 1977. They performed "God Loves Little Girls" & "I Wanna Get Back On The Floor And Boogie." They are sons of label owner Bob Keane. They made 2 albums (Debut in 1977 & "Taking Off" in 1979). Both of those albums did not chart the Billboard Top 200 or Bubbled Under. Matt

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Marvin - They have a 3-song EP out in England on Island that you can order from CD Now and other such outlets. Not that I would compare them to the Pernice Bros., but if you like Pernice, you will like Keane. And, tell me if I'm not correct about the tune "This is Last Time." You will melt upon hearing it. The following is from a British website (pls disregard references to Coldplay - Keane is nothing like that boring band).

British rock trio Keane have been voted the most promising new music act by a panel of UK music critics, DJs and playlisters in BBC News Online's Sound of 2004 survey.Quietly confident, highly determined and armed with emotionally-charged songs, Keane know they are capable of working their way into the hearts of music fans around the world. Childhood friends from Battle, East Sussex, they have been tipped to take the mantle of the great British emotional rock band that has been passed down from Radiohead, Travis and Coldplay.

Their songs are "catchy tunes, pop tunes", according to singer Tom Chaplin - but have also "got a lot of depth to them"."I think people like that and I don't think there's enough of that around," he says. "So hopefully it will reach a lot of people."

With Chaplin on vocals, pianist-songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley and drummer Richard Hughes, Keane's bare but powerful sound is made largely without guitars - a rare thing in the rock world.

The band mention The Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths and Queen as influences, and have been memorably described as "Radiohead covering A-Ha".

And the name is not inspired by footballers Roy or Robbie, as many people think - but was the surname of an old lady who used to look after Chaplin when he was young.

"We had a gig, we needed a name, it was the best thing we could come up with," Hughes says.The name stuck and the last year has seen the group release two singles on independent record label Fierce Panda - which discovered bands like Coldplay, Supergrass and Ash - before signing a major deal with Island Records.

And they have been building up a loyal following through support slots at gigs with Travis, Starsailor and The Thrills.

"At the moment, we're playing to the unconverted, which is a good test," Chaplin says. "The reaction we've had, especially in America, is just great.

"It's great performing to lots of people because I think our music is the sort of music that fits a big auditorium well. Stadium rock."

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Originally posted by marvin:

[QB] Bob where did you hear their song?

Not that i want to put words in Bob's place.... but I believe his brother emailed him "This Is The Last Time" after I sent it out to friends. This is something i never do, but in regards to the song's intense beauty and overall impact, it deserves to be heard the world over.

I was led to them by my friend Bob Patrowicz, who I believe heard them on KCRW. The band has already played the states (i think they were here as an opening act for a few Travis shows). The band played the Mercury Lounge back in December of 2003.

Their only resemblance to Coldplay is the Brit-pop piano format and that they were heavily influenced by Radiohead's "The Bends" and maybe a touch of Tori Amos' most melodic stuff. Still, they are a very rare breed with a melodic pop sense that's unparalleled. The emotional depth and sheer magic they display is something reminiscent to Eric Carmen's highest peaks.

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I already listened to Keane.The only thing in common with Eric is the singer/pianist has a very high voice too,but he doesn¥t have the "Mc Cartney" part.He has the "Elton John" part though.but the emotional "Mc Cartney/Left Banke" part doesn¥t exist in Keane.They take the emotional part from Radiohead(early) or Coldplay,but it¥s my opinion.

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