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Are You Done?


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I have never been so far behind in my Christmas preparations. I finished and mailed the Christmas cards while we were in Cleveland

Today, I bought the last gift on my list and I am working on the wrapping.

Most of the cookies I made for our cookie exchange are long gone and It doesn't look I'll have time to make more.

How are you doing? are you done


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I've done as much as I can do solo so we've kicked into 'delegation mode' now. John will have to finish the last bit of shopping, Brian will have to work on the house, Annie and I will be cooking and baking for two days. It's not really all that much, it's just all right in front of me. I don't like that feeling that I'm in a crunch so I'm just refusing to freak out over this. We'll have a few days to ourselves after that so then I can rest and rejuvenate. <img border="0" alt="[sleepWakeUp]" title="" src="graemlins/sleepwakeup.gif" />

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Just about ready. I have to be done by tomorrow evening because I'm playing my most fun gig of each year--Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at Incarnation Church in Trenton with my string quartet. I love playing with my friend Nathan more than anyone in the world. He's my musical soulmate, so it's guaranteed to be a magical night. I just adore the sound of the whole quartet and they're the most terrific people as well, so my Christmas Eve will be as fantastic as my Christmas Day.

smile --Darlene

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Most people in the airline industry are trying to get everyone to where they need to go. However, with the storms and cancellations, it puts a "monkey wrench" into the system. The flights are too full to even consider flying to California to see the family on my two days off.

So, opting to work extra hours, and am really wiped out when we get home. In fact, way too tired to do much of anything, much less shop. But such is life.

But my family understands, and I will be back soon for a belated celebration.

Needless to say, save for a few e-mails to friends, I have not even gotten started on anything resembling holiday.

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