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Comic Books Made Into Movies


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Top 5 best

1) Spiderman

2) Xmen

3) Superman

4) Daredevil

5) Spawn


1) Elektra

2) Catwoman

3) Captain America

4) Punisher (Dolph Lundgren)

5) Hulk

There were two Captain America movies actually. One that was released straight to video in 1990 and another back in the 70's that was supposed to be a pilot for a television series.

The Hulk wasn't bad. It wasn't great either. I think alot of people were expecting a guy in green paint to be running around instead of a CGI Hulk. This Hulk was closer to the comic than the television series.

I didn't think Spawn was that good. But that's just me.

My top comic book movies are;

1. Spider-Man 2

2. X-Men

3. Batman

4. Batman Begins

5. Superman

Incidentily, filming has started on X-Men 3. The film is being directed by Brett Ratner and stars, of all people, Kelsey Grammer (yes, Dr. Fraser Crane) as Hank "Beast" McCoy. The trailer is already up at Quicktime.com. Unfortunately the only photo of Kelsey Grammer as Beast is a Flash picture and I can't post it. But here's the link, Enjoy....

X-Men 3 Beast Photo

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For my movie-going buck, the best comic-based movies have been the ones that are most faithful to the material.

For example, Sin City was, literally, a comic book on film. Watch it side-by-side with Frank Miller's brilliant graphic novels. It's practically shot-by-shot consistent with the books. And it worked brilliantly!

Spiderman and X-Men 1 & 2--also very faithful to the source material, and all the better for it (although the Goblin costume was a bit silly in the first SM flick.)

Batman Begins--they played with the "gospel" a bit, but this excellent film was much closer to the original stories than any of the previous ones. A few people asked me "But didn't the Joker kill his parents?" The answer, of course, is no, they made that up for the first Michael Keaton movie. Fans of the books know it was Joe Chill, not "Jack Napier." (BTW, that name was new too--Joker never had a real name in the books.)

One of the worst: The Punisher. Love the current run of graphic novels on this vigilante character writen by Garth Ennis. But the film, which used some elements from Ennis' stories, was a major letdown. Main reason: John Travolta. His horrible over-acting in a poorly written character trashed the film. Tom Jane was fine as the Punisher, but they botched it.

OK, my inner fanboy is showing. I'll stop now.

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Personally, I liked the Phantom (Billy [Titanic] Zane played the lead). But not too many folks even remember the Phantom - just old ones, like me.

No special effects ,as it's time period appeared to be the 1930's - boring for today's market, but it did have Kristy Swanson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and a lush tropical Asian landscape as a backdrop.

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The Brooke Shields "Brenda Starr" movie only got shown in just a few screens here in the US, for a short period. I guess it's out on DVD now.

Pretty much got the same treatment Kevin Bacon's "Quicksilver" and Billy Bob Thornton's "Waking Up in Reno" did.......some publcity long before the movie was out, but then virtually nothing when it was in the theaters.

"Brenda Starr", oddly enough, did well in Japan. Go figure.

Would they ever make "The Silver Surfer" into a movie....that is the question.....

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Hey Paul,

KISS returned to comic books twice since the days of the two original Marvel books (remember how the first one had REAL KISS BLOOD in the ink?)

When the original band reunited, Image Comics (under the creative supervision of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane) put out a "Kiss Psycho Circus." It dropped the "Kiss as Super Heroes" idea of the Marvel books. Instead, they were iconic presences in a circus/sideshow setting.

Kiss came back in comics, this time again as super heroes, a couple of years ago in a series put out by Dark Horse Comics.

Both series are interesting and well done, and can be found in many comic stores' bargain boxes (the comic equivalent of record stores' cutout bins.)


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Sally G,

I dug "Unbreakable" too. Interestingly, while it was steeped in comic lore and tone, it wasn't based on an actual comic--just an original creation of M. Night Shymalan.

M. Night (a major figure in the film activity here in Philly) has said he had plans for a sequel, but the lukewarm response to the movie at the box office (at least compared to "The Sixth Sense") resulted in that being postponed, perhaps for good, as he moves on to new stories.

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