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Bernie, what I thought of was Atlantis... and oddly enough, when I mentioned that to a friend, they pointed out this article .

This is just staggering. On a happy note, last night my friend Ryan from Louisiana e-mailed me himself and told me he's just fine, but he couldn't stay online long because he's in the Navy and everyone was using only a few computers to contact friends and family, so they kept things brief.

My heart just goes out to all those people. I don't think it will be in the immediate future, but I do think they'll bounce back as communities, they must be strong people to have made it this far. They need our help, and I'm sure they'll get it. My city is loading up trucks as I type. smile

By the way, this is a thought provoking article, despite the nasty title on the page crazy

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Even though the media likes to focus on negatives I am hearing a lot of positive stories about Americans everywhere doing what they do best: caring about others in time of need. I even heard a story that some folks were stopping their cars and asking people to get in to take them to their homes until they can get on their feet again. That is the true American spirit! Hope is on the way. It'll take time and strength, but you have lots of people who care about you!


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