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What are your fave man and woman names?

Carmen Smalley

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Don't get me started! It just turned out that I didn't get married till late in life (age 38) and just felt too old to have kids. But I always had a running list of names I loved and would have named my children if I had had them:

Spencer Harry

Theresa Rose

Eric Andrew

Jennifer Allison

Austin Chase

Melissa Dawn

Camryn Drew

That's my list. Although I had thousands and thousands of kids (and I loved them all) whom I taught in school, I never had any of my own. I showered that maternal love on my school students. I'm still very close with all of them although some are as old as 52 years old!

As for the names I loved, well, maybe next life!

smile --Darlene

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Stop me if you've heard this before, but one night on Monday Night Football a few years back the game was being played in Green Bay. They started to play "The Macarena" and all the cheese-heads start to dance to the song. One of the announcers says, "And there you have it, Macarena and cheese!" Almost fell off my chair:) Kirk.

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Macarena Cristina is my twin sister.People use to say she¥s a clon of me!We drink together,we breath together,we eat together,we think together...and at the same time!Carmen is a very typical Spanish woman name,like Macarena,although neither Macarena is in love with Vitorino nor I¥m in love with Escamillo.We both are ecologists and we hate bullfighting!!!

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When I was a teenager I always said I'd name my daughter Tiffany Brissette. Good thing it was a passing phase! The singer Tiffany was big at the time - I guess that had some influence.

I like a lot more boys names - girls names are hard.








Yes, I'm aware that I didn't name my son any of these things! We were stuck on Matthew Raymond or Morgan Raymond before he was born (with Claire Jean if it was a girl). However, Baylen is the name of a 16th century French Knight who saved France and is known as the 'noble and fearless knight". He also was renowned for his red hair.

When our son was born, with a mohawk of bright red hair, the first thing my husband said was "It's a Baylen". Hence his name! His middle name is James - after his father's middle name, and because his grandmother and great-grandfather's initials are "BJ".


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