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What musicians have you guys met?...


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Kazumi, I'm jealous you've met them more than once! Some people think Gene's a pig, but I actually think he's quite hilarious! He was on Conon O'Brien's show a few months back and I was laughing the whole time! He kept pulling out the latest Kiss products they were selling, as well as his book. The PT Barnum of Rock n' roll!

and Baadahoora, another fav, Brian Wilson! When I see him now he has that deer in the headlights look on his face, but who would have thought 30 years ago he'd be alive , let alone touring. A few years ago, I moved next to St Charles, Il and I hoped that I'd bump into him, but found out he had just moved back to California a couple of months before. He loved it here so much that I was told that he almost talked George Harrison into buying a house here.

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I've met a quite a few....all of the Beach Boys, Sammy Hagar, Courtney Love, Joan Jett, Frankie Valli, Grace Jones, Kenny Burrell, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Neal Schon of Journey, Patrick Simmons(Doobies), Neil Young, Peter Noone, Bob Seger, Ramsey Lewis, Diana Krall, Justin Guarini, Jorma Kaukonen(Jefferson Airplane), Debbie Gibson, and Boz Scaggs.....

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I met....

Alan Parsons

Eddie Money

Gary Puckett

Flo and Eddie

Kelly Keagy

Denny Laine

Gregg Rolie(Sanatana,The Storm,Journey)

Spencer Davis

Michael Carrabello(Santana)

Kip Winger

Jim Bonfanti

Scott McCarl

Wally Bryson

Tommy James

Joey molland

There are more I just can't think of them right now. I took a picture with each one also


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Pierson totally cool how did you get the bowie interview.Did you ask him when hes gonna put something decent out again.With the exception afaid of the americans he has been somewhat lame for the past 20 years.

have you heard "hours" or "Heathen"??? both albums are his best work since "Scary Monsters"... I prefer "hours".... a real major album which no one gives enough props to
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I poked Sammy Hagar in the arm. I won tickets to see Sammy Hagar with several others. We got to watch the concert ON STAGE. It was very cool. Before the show they give you this paper with all these rules, don't talk to Sammy, don't give him anything, don't touch him and so on. By the time it was showtime I was a nervous wreck thinking I might want to say something to him or shake his hand at least. Well, at one point during the show he came up on the platform and stood next to me and someone else. Well ,he was having fun with everyone and he was right next to me so I poked him in the arm, just to say that I touched Sammy.


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There are a few others I forgot: Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Eddie Money, Tower of Power, Stanley Jordan, Barry Manilow, Henry Rollins, and some studio greats--Steve Douglas, Hal Blaine, Keith Olsen, Greg Phillanganes.

Plus I did go to school with Dennis Fongheiser(who was the drummer for Heart for a couple of years).

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Many moons ago, I was the singer and keyboardist in a local band here in Chicago that was pretty promising. Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick)was in the audience a couple of times when we played and once, he offered to jam with the band. We played the only two Cheap trick songs we knew (Surrender and I Want You To Want Me) and he was alot of fun.

I was also lucky enough to be playing in a bar when Joan Jett walked in with many people near closing time when she was filming a movie here. She asked me on break if she could play with us and her and I switched off vocals on "I Saw Her Standing There" and we somehow finagled our way through a rendition of "I Love Rock and Roll". She was really nice to everybody.

I got to hang out with Debby Boone for awhile when I was playing in California in the late seventies. She was an awesome person, very underated singer, and so, so beautiful in person. I also met her dad, Pat, a few times. He's very funny and not as strict as you might think.

Last but not least, I was able to meet Scott and Wally when they played in Chicago a few years ago. Two better guys you couldn't ask to meet! (Wish I could have played with them instead...LOL)

My oldest daughter has met Mariah Carey THREE TIMES after winning (I'm not kidding) three different contests and thinks the world of her.No signs of being a diva, says the daughter!

My wife is in real estate and recently did a closing with former Styx singer Dennis DeYoung. She badly wanted to ask him for his auotgraph, but the boss warned everyone early that it was all business!

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Hey Blackhawkpat,

I live in the Chicago area (South Elgin), what was the name of the band you were in?

Did your wife say what Dennis was like? As much as I hate what Styx did to him, I've heard from a couple of people that met him that he has a HUGE ego!one of them went so far as to say that they couldn't stand him!

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