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Favourite "undiscovered" artists


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Here's my List: (not including Berries)

1) Rabbitt (South African band , Duncan Faure went to the Bay City Rollers, Trevor Rabin went to "Yes")

2) Jude Cole (used to be with The Records...check out their greatest hits...awesome pop band)

3) April Wine

4) Blue Rodeo

5) Harmonium (Quebecois band)

6) Claude Dubois (the Todd Rundgren of Quebec)

7) Del Amitri

8) Fotomaker

9) The Strawbs

10) Elliot Smith

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this probably should be under the favorite male singers but.......i always thought bobby caldwell should have gotten more attention. he is more jazz than rock/pop, but you have all probably heard "what you won't fo for love" which is his biggest hit to date i believe...(MATT, WHERE ARE YOU?)... his music is very diverse.


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Bobby Caldwell was born on August 15, 1951 in New York City; raised in Florida. He was a percussionist with Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Captain Beyond (never heard of that group) and Armageddon. Bobby wrote tracks for The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977. (Allison Fonte was my favorite mouseketeer) Bobby also wrote "The Next Time I Fall" for Peter Cetera & Amy Grant back in 1986. His biggest hit "What You Won't Do For Love" peaked at # 9 (2 weeks) back on March 24 & 31, 1979 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. It also peaked at # 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts. His other songs were "Coming Down From Love" peaking at # 42 (Hot 100) back on May of 1980 & "All Of My Love" peaking at # 77 back on October of 1982. Bobby also hit the Adult Contemporary Charts with "Real Thing" from the album Heart Of Mine peaking at # 41 back in April of 1991 which was an album cut. Bobby also Bubbled Under with "Can't Say Goodbye" peaking at # 103 but peaked at # 36 on the R&B Charts back on June of 1979, "Jamaica" peaking at # 105 but peaked at # 54 on the R&B Charts back on April of 1982 & "I Give In" peaking at # 125 but peaked at # 53 on the R&B Charts back on June 1, 1996. On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, "Bobby Caldwell" peaked at # 21 back on Feburary of 1979, "Cat In The Hat" peaked at # 113 back on June of 1980 & "Carry On" peaked at # 133 back on June of 1982. I do not have the Billboard R&B Charts book, though I mention the ones that Bubbled Under that does showed the peak position. That is all the information that I can think of!!! Matt

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I saw Bobby Caldwell in concert in 2001 and he was smooth as usual. But his personality is cocky street-smart New York, and knows he has tasted the big time before and feels somewhat bitter his music is not "in style" now because he wants to taste the big time again. Since he had just turned 50, he was candid and reflective about his career and the business with this wine-sipping jazz crowd who came to see him. I wish I had his voice.

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1. Van Duren

2. Even Johansen

3. Something Happens

4. Flashcubes/ Screen Test

5. Dumptruck

6. Posies

7. Pernice bros

8. Hamell On Trial

9. Mood Six

10. 20/20

11. The Dictators

12. Dirty Looks (US 1980)

13. Kara's Flowers

14. The Sighs

15. The Action

16. The Creation

17. Red House Painters

18. Lilac Time/ Duffy

19. Artful Dodger

20. Tin Tin

21. Nada Surf

22. Johan

23. Justin Clayton

24. Jon Brion

25. Howie Beck

26. Trash Can Sinatras

27. Adorable/ Polak

28. The Chills

29. Grant Lee Buffalo

30. The Libertines

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