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Remember Soupy Sales?


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I'm laughing right now thinking of the Soupy story where he was miffed to be working New Year's Day. He had a few minutes to kill at the end of the live show and facing the camera told the kids watching to look in their parents' wallets and remove the green paper with faces on it...and send those papers to him. He never gave an address or anything but was nonetheless suspended for a week or two because of the harmless joke.

Another funny Soupy story is when he was a DJ at WNBC in NYC. Howard Stern locked himself in a studio and held Soupy's piano "hostage"...and starting cutting the strings.

Great stuff!


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Another time Soupy was p.o.'d at the director or the producer and held up one hand with fingers extended. He proceeded to say "this finger is so and so, and this finger is so and so" folding down a finger each time. At the end his middle finger was the only one still extended, and that was for the person he was mad at...Another reprimand for ol' Soupy haha

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