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Cool new Tsunami Relief CD coming....


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Not sure if any folks here know about this yet or not, but there is a VERY cool Tsunami Relief CD coming out in a couple of months, with many artists I think people here will enjoy---The Records, Rubinoos, Waking Hours, Paul Collins' Beat, Jeremy Morris, BMX Bandits, Robbie Rist, The Lolas, The Last, Adrian Belew, Eugene Edwards, Dramarama and MANY more. Many of the tracks are rare and/or exclusive to this collection. Here's the poop:

Norwalk Distributors & Integrity Records

proudly presents....

"Of Hands And Hearts: Music For The Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund"


MARCH 2005!

Click on the link below for more information:


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Thanks, Marlene. It's for a worthy cause, and there's also a Raspberries connection; singer/songwriter Kyle Vincent also appears on the CD (Kyle used to be the lead singer of '80s power poppers Candy, whose lone LP featured Wally Bryson as "musical director").

Kyle also has a great new CD that's just been released and one song, "The Ghost of Rock 'n' Roll," has neat little tributes to "Go All the Way" and "Overnight Sensation."

In an interview he did with me about 10 years ago, Kyle told me that during the recording of the Candy record, he would constantly bug Wally to play the opening riff to "Go All the Way"---according to Kyle, "I must have made him play that riff a hundred times."

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