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What is your fave and most hated food'

Carmen Smalley

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I love traditional Spanish food8Paella,Fideu·,Fabada,Cocido).I also like Spaghetti,Macaroni,Meat8even raw!),Eggs8even raw too),fried potatoes,lamb chops,,sea mushells,crawfishes,goose barnacles,all kind of fishes,(even raw too!)lettuces,tomatoes,green fried capsicums and red roasted capsicums,cucumbers,mushrooms,asparaguses,chorizo8a Spanish pork sausage),Chicken livers,Rice,Churros8a typical Spanish breakfast),onions,garlics,salt-worts,Spinaches,borages,broccoli,artichocks...I could say I like almost all except cheese,butter,margerine,yoghourt,boiled potatoes,industrial sauces(I like sauces if they are cooked by me),vinegar,strawberries,bananas,pineapples,apples,tropical fruits,pizzas,Mexican food,fast food,Chinese food...

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Fave foods:

Most Thai food

Some Chinese food


Carl's Jr Famous Star Burgers

Jack in the Box Secret Sauce on anything

BBQ anything, extra sauce

Baked Cod with tatar sauce

McDonalds Hot Mustard Sauce on anything

Salad with balsamic vinagerrette

Anything dipped in onion dip

Anything dipped sweet and sour sauce

Vidalia Onion Relish on anything

Soy Delicious soy ice cream (lactose intolerant)


Cat litter nuggets dipped in Secret Sauce

I'm a sauce man! Is it time for lunch yet?

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I would take Subway footlong subs like turkey breast on wheat bread with white american cheese, bacon, lettuce & either ranch, sweet onion sauce or mayo, roasted chicken breast on parmasan or white bread with white american cheese, bacon, lettuce & either ranch, sweet onion sauce or mayo, chicken teriyaki on parmasan or white bread with white american cheese, lettuce & sweet onion sauce & finally cheese & steak on parmasan or white bread with mozzarella, lettuce & mayo. Those are the only 4 subs that I get down there. I also get either baked Lays regular, baked Lays sour cream & onion or baked Lays barbecue potato chips. I also either get 2 cookies (m&m's, dark chocolate with white chips, sugar or chocolate chip) & a Pepsi, wild cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or MUG's root beer. By the way, Subway will be changing to the Coke products starting either in May or June. arrgh Matt

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Speaking of fast food, there is a burger/fast food chain in the midwest called Culvers. Their food isn't healthy but it is really, really good. happy They serve butterburgers, which just means that they butter the buns, then grill them, then put the hamburgers and stuff on them. If you ever see one, try it. They also serve frozen custard that is to die for (and probably will kill me, too!) I try to eat salads so that I can have the dessert, but every once in a while I have to eat the Bacon Butterburger Deluxe!!! laugh

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Please don't do this, I'm on a diet! My most favorite food, unfortunately for my figure, is CHEESE! Feta, Sharp cheddar, American, Swiss, Mozzarella, Ricotta (so many calories!), Provolone, Muenster,

you name it! That's what's made working out a must these days! I managed to say good-bye to chocolate, ice-cream and soda pop, but...just can't say good-bye to cheese. I'm trying to do it in moderation. Ha! That's a laugh!

smile --Darlene

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Hmmm....my favorites are..most all Mexican foods (the spicier, the better), popcorn, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, and tiramisu...yummy.

Foods i hate....bananas, jello, peanut butter !! crazy <img border="0" alt="[blech!]" title="" src="graemlins/blech.gif" />

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Strange that you mentioned the cheese issue...I have this real dilemma of loving cheese(all kinds)but being lactose intolerent. It is a bit frustrating.

But have been adjusting in other areas of the milk deal......as in substituting mayonnaise in place of sour cream in dips and on Mexican food. (And Best Foods--Hellman's to you east coast people.....no cheap stuff, and Miracle Whip just doesn't do it for me).

Soy just doesn't cut it as a substitute a lot of the cases, although you can't really tell the difference in a latte.

I am not picky, overall, and love to eat all kinds of things. Everything from Thai to Persian to Hungarian to French......even eat Eel Sushi and Escargot...

There are only a few things I don't like, and they are, believe it or not, common American stuff. And mostly dessert items.

Not fond of jelly beans, for one thing. And mint, it's OK in small doses----as in mints. But not in real large doses, and especially with chocolate.

Peppermint patties make me cringe.

As for Yams/Sweet Potatoes.......I've tried them every possible way, and I just plain don't like them.

No Scotch whiskey, either. Worse than medicine.

Quite a bit different than their Irish counterparts.

Although I like apple pie, as well as chicken, I get burned out on them really quick. Twice a week is plenty for me......

On the lamb deal, I enjoy lamb. But a lot of Americans---particularly midwesterners---don't have a clue what it's all about. Too often people get lamb with way too much fat on it, and it's icky......

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I grew up in a small city where there was little ethnic food at all (everyone who lives there is English or German). So, it was only after I moved to the 'big' city (ie Edmonton) that I discovered other foods. I LOVE most ethnic food, but if I could eat Korean every day, I'd be a happy woman.

In no particular order:



Mexican (make it spicy)



Italian - Pizza, Pasta, I'll take it all!


I'm not a big fan of seafood, and am pretty much vegetarian. I'd die before I'd eat organ meat - liver, tongue, kidney, brain, etc. Not a big fan of brussel sprouts, asparigus, etc., but I'd eat a ton of it over gross meat.


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hmmmm, in no particular order, I love char broiled steaks or burgers, baked, roast, or fried chicken, french fries, turkey, beef barley soup, chicken rice soup, almost any raw fruit, salads, bacon, corn, Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey, lemon meringue pie, oreo cookie cake, and my favorite snack is potato chips.

In the liquid department, I couldn't live without coffee, and a glass of white zinfandel is a must for nighttime relaxation time.

As for hates, cooked fruit, cooked vegetables (other than corn), liver, seafood, pudding, ham, runny, slimey eggs, and most ethnic foods, especially Mexican and Chinese.

Darlene, I'm not a cheese person, couldn't care less if I never ate it.

And you're not the only one working out, I found out 2 months ago my weight gain was due to a thyroid condition, and I went on synthroid and joined Curves For Women. spin

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I adore all the fattening foods: Filet Mignon, Anything with cheese sauce(!), Italian, Potatoes, and gooey desserts like lemon meringue and coconut custard meringue pies! I love bacon and eggs and cheese (every variety--especially mozzarella and, Heaven forbid, CREAM CHEESE!) and red wine. LOVE Southern fried herb-chicken!!! I do love Chinese, but that's about the only non-fattening thing I like! (Chocolate ice cream, anything caramel, and banana splits! Whipped cream!!!! Forget about it, I'd be the Fat Lady in the Circus if if I gave in to all my desires.)

If I ate nothing but my favorites, there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to exercise or walk it off outdoors or on the treadmill! It's a good thing I also love vegetables and salads, because I eat a lot of them. My husband keeps me focused on balancing, but sometimes, very late at night, I sneak down to the fridge and closet-eat a cream-cheese and olive sandwich. He usually hears me, and sometimes I look up and he's grinning at me.

frown --Darlene

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Darlene, your post reminded me of a few of my favorites. I, too, love banana splits, but to balance that out, I love vegetables and salads, as you do. I often order a Caesar salad when eating in restaurants. Also, I love Chinese food, the Americanized version (no bird's feet and beaks for me!).


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I must have answered that question, um teen times.

Ok, here you go, The foods I like: 1) chinese Food, 2) spaghetti and meatballs, 3)rice dishes with vegatables, 4) pizza, 5)romain lettuce, Basil as a snack,5) garlic cloves, 6)soy drinks, juices, bananas, pineapple, ice cream, strawberry cheese cake ice cream, cherry cheese cake, edible flowers.Lol

apple pies, cherry, chicken balls, chicken.

Foods I hate, 1) MY front lawn, drinking out of the toilet, yuk, 3)gravy, vinegar,br-b ques, I hate bar b qued, food, it makes me sick.

Egg plants, runny eggs, goats milk, that's all folks.

I have to add, Canadian Chinese Food, where's NHBUSHMAN, SHH.

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I love Terari Ketebi's name! It sounds so romantic! It sounds like he would look like a young Omar Sharif, or Turhan Bey (the guy wearing the fez in the old mummy movies!) I had a terrible crush on both--Turhan when I was 9 (he was so romantic carrying the comatose girl!) and Omar when I was older. But some of Terari's English sounds like Carmen Smalley. Either these two would be GREAT together, or Carmen is making up Terari and using him as an alter-ego to argue with herself! Tony, help me on this. What's happening?!!!

smile --Darlene

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