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Dimebag is Dead


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I think the way the record business treated Ham and Badfinger in general had a lot to do with Pete's demise.....definately in Dave's case.

I live only a quarter mile from the Alrosa Villa where the shootings were Wednesday night.....that place has always had trouble but nothing to rival Wednesdays events. Including the shooter, 5 people are dead, two seriously injured. A Columbus police officer who responded quickly from nearby saved even more tradgedy by puting a single 9 slug shotgun blast into the shooter from over 20 feet away.

Here's a link for anyone interested. Let's all pray for better times....



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I guess its just one more thing to think about when you take the stage.It's sad that in this day and age, with all the security measures, that things like this happen. We were wanded at the H.O.B.

at the time I thought "this is crazy", but now I see why.All it takes is one sick-o who dislikes you.

Darrell was murdered doing his job, not arguing, or

fighting in a pub! What a shame.

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Music is supposed to make people feel good and is supposed to be a means of escape, even if it's only for a short while. This is truly sad.

From what I read, the guy who shot Dimebag was upset at Dimebag (and his brother who played with him, Vinnie) claiming they "broke up" Pantera. Granted, there's bands I listen to when I wanna get "fired up" (as in getting ready to go out and have some fun) but I couldn't think of any reason whatsoever why I would want to kill somebody over their music...

Dimebag helped influence a new generation of guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Kirk Hammett before him and Pantera proved that a really HEAVY band can achieve major success. While the same can be said for Metallica, their sound gradually changed with each album and headed into more of a commercial direction. Pantera only got heavier.

Being a musician that plays out often, news like this and the Rhode Island fire at the Great White show a while back frightens me into thinking that a lot of clubs might ever curb the amount of live music they bring into their clubs.

My Thoughts and Prayers go to Dimebag's family and to all of his fans and friends.

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The shooting is so sad, and frightening. We've had the "we" generation, the "me" generation and this is supposed to be "gen x." What in hell does the x stand for? It's like an algebra equation, in which x stands for "the unknown," because it seems like no one knows what's going to happen next. I used to think that there weren't more bad things happening, but that because media is instantaneous, we're just hearing about more of it. But, in talking with a school psychologist the other day, I learned from her that there are more and more children coming through the system with emotional problems than there ever were before. She said the increase in numbers of impaired children is huge. I remember when children with learning or emotional problems in my classes were the exception. They are almost becoming the norm...And, if school cannot perform a successful intervention, they grow up to become adults like that guy in Columbus...

frown --Darlene

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Tony, please don't go down that road to totalitarian control! remember, criminals don't have gun licenses or have to pass criminal background checks. i like how the state of VT handles gun crimes. there are no laws (beyond Federal) regulating purchase/sales, no background checks, no concealed permit licenses, no nothing - except: if you are convicted of any gun crime, its an automatic 10 years in the slammer. as you can guess, gun crime in VT is very low compared to Draconian MA nearby. if it were up to me i'd make it 20 years, btw, with no permits or licenses.

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