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Marvin, add me into the 10cc fan club. I listen to them regularly, even now. "Sheet Music" is my favorite, although I have found that "Bloody Tourists" had some diverse, more mature pop, that stays in my head. "Take these Chains" and "Reds in my Bed" are two of the incredibly infectious ones.

G Gouldman also did the theme song for a Farrah Fawcett film, called "Sunburn" -- as well as some songs for an animated film called "Animalympics" - "Sunburn". and "Born to Lose" from Animalympics are also two to be heard, and not forgotten.

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Come on Mac, do the Sacroilliac...Johnny went a ridin with his girlfriend on the BackSeat...I remember so many of the clever lyrics...In his eyes, in his ears, in his nose...Oh, Howard Hughes, did your money make you better?...When I first bought the "Rubber Bullets" album, me and my brother laughed so hard, all night long,that we couldnt fall asleep for a long time...They were supposed to be the opening act at a concert with the original Badfinger back in 1974, but they cancelled on me...Ended up seeing them at a big venue, 6 months later, opening up, for(of all people), Johnny Winter...

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The Hotlegs song "Neanderthal Man" went to # 22 (Hot 100) back in September of 1970. The next single "Run Baby Run" failed to chart. The album "Hotlegs Thinks: School Stinks" (Capitol) failed to hit Billboard Album Charts. The British group 10cc first song "Rubber Bullets" went to # 73 (Hot 100) back in October of 1973. Their next single "The Wall Street Shuffle" went to # 103 (Bubbled Under) back in July of 1974. The group biggest hit "I'm Not In Love" went to # 2 (for 3 weeks). It also went to # 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts. It was kept from # 1 by "The Hustle" by the late Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony back in July 26, 1975, "One Of These Nights" by The Eagles back in August 2, 1975 & "Jive Talkin'" (first of 2 weeks) by The Bee Gees back in August 9, 1975 then the song "I'm Not In Love" fell off the Top 10 the next week back in August 16, 1975. Their next single "Art For Art's Sake" went to # 83 (Hot 100) back in December of 1975. The next single "I'm Mandy Fly Me" went to # 60 (Hot 100) back in April of 1976. The next single "Lazy Ways"/ "Life Is A Minestrone" went to # 104 (Bubbled Under) back in August of 1976. The next single "The Things We Do For Love" (also a gold record) went to # 5 (Hot 100) back in April 16, 1977 & April 23, 1977. That song also went to # 12 on the AC Charts. The next single "People In Love" went to # 40 (Hot 100) & # 23 (AC Charts) back in July of 1977. The next single "Good Morning Judge" went to # 69 (Hot 100) back in September of 1977. The song "Dreadlock Holiday" went to # 44 (Hot 100) back in November of 1978. The flip side of the 45 "Nothing Can Move Me" can be found on the CD import of "Bloody Tourists". The song "For You And I" (from the movie "Moment By Moment" starring John Travolta and Lily Tomlin) went to # 85 (Hot 100) back in February of 1979. On the album charts, the debut album (UK) went to # 201 (Bubbled Under) for 3 weeks back in December of 1973. The album "Sheet Music" (UK) went to # 81 back in October of 1974. The album "The Original Soundtrack" (Mercury) went to # 15 back in July of 1975 which was their biggest seller. The album "100cc" (UK) (Compilation) went to # 161 back in September of 1975. The album "How Dare You!" (Mercury) went to # 47 back in April of 1976. The album "Deceptive Bends" (Mercury) went to # 31 back in August of 1977. The album "Live And Let Live" (Mercury) (recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in London and the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, England) went to # 146 back in January of 1978. The album "Bloody Tourists" (Polydor) went to # 69 back in December of 1978. The album "Greatest Hits 1972-1978" (Polydor) went to # 188 back in January of 1980. The album "Look Hear?" (Warner Bros.) went to # 180 back in May of 1980. The album "Ten Out Of Ten" (Warner Bros.) (with Graham Gouldman & Eric Stewart) went to # 209 (Bubbled Under, 1 week) back in June 26, 1982. Graham Gouldman's soundtrack for the movie "Animalympics" (A&M) went to # 209 (Bubbled Under, 1 week) back in August 16, 1980. The duo Godley & Creme song "Cry" went to # 16 (Hot 100), # 6 (Album Rock) & # 5 (AC Charts) back in September of 1985. Their album "The History Mix Volume 1" (Polydor) went to # 37 back in October of 1985. The duo called Wax (which featured members Graham Gouldman & Andrew Gold) had the song "Right Between The Eyes" which went to # 43 (Hot 100) back in May of 1986 & # 39 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart back in April of 1986. The album "Magnetic Heaven" (RCA) went to # 101 back in May of 1986. The duo was credited later as: Wax U.K. Matt

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"Nothing Can Move Me Like My Rock'N'Roll" appeared

on my Japanese Mercury label 'Great Box' set that

I picked up at a 'rock expo' swap meet in the late

80's. great song. About 8 years ago, I picked up a fabulous VHS video collection, '10CC & More' at

the Hollywood Virgin megastore. Fabulous selection of 10cc videos interspersed with Godley/Creme material. Most of the 10cc material is lip synched with the exception of a great live

version of 'Wall Street Shuffle.' A most interesting item is the video 10cc made for the

song 'Dreadlock Holiday' which includes some of

what could only be described as very 'politically

incorrect' footage of Lol Creme surrounded on an

isolated beach by "Four faces,one mad, four brothers from the gutter", and a torrid scene in

the swimming pool with the young lady asking him,

"Would you like something harder?" Look closely

in the background, & you'll see 10cc is the band

playing poolside with the bass drum printed,'10cc

Combo.' A real treat!

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