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Superbowl Commercials


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A below average year for the commercials. Not much name recognition after they aired- a big factor in the success of the ad. Hyundai did well in that respect. I missed the Miller commercial; they got more than their money's worth with the anticipation of what they could do with a one second ad- brilliant! Always like the 'feel good' Bud commercials with the Clydes.

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Only a die-hard Elvis fan would have picked up on the fairly obscure "Strangers No More" from the 1971 LP "Elvis-That's the Way It Is" being used in one of the last superbowl commercials near the end of the game.I was so focused on the song that I completely missed the company running the ad.

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Maybe you can list your favorite. All I know is I could not believe how horrible the CareerBuilder spot was. ANNOYING! SOOOO repetitious. Bernie, you need that account. They need serious help. I liked the 1 second Miller spot.

:P Agree. Seems like they took the premise for that add from the film,"vantage Point"
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I would rate them as such

1) Mr & Mrs Potato Head for Bridgestone

2) Coke Commercial with the animated insects

3) Doritos Crystal Ball Snow Globe

4) Conan Obrien Does commercial only in Sweden

5) Budweiser Horse fetches tree branch for a treat

6) Cheetos Girl talks about the people and town being gross another girl thows cheetos for her to be attacked by pigeons.

7) Coke commercial everyone becomes cartoon characters while a guy drinks his coke.

8) Doritos gives magic powers: girl loses a dress, money comes out of a cash station, cop turns to a monkey

9) Castrol sytnthetic oil commercial with chimpanzee grease monkeys.

10) Pedigree adoption Frisbee with Bull, Rino charges through house when owner wants to walk him..

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