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Wake - would you go?


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On Friday night a childhood friend/neighbor was killed when an SUV he was working on fell on him. I lived next door to his parents when he was just a baby, they had a lot of kids, and we all played together, but the deceased was in diapers last time I saw him.

I'd like to go to the wake, not just to pay my respects to his parents, who are wonderful people, but to see his siblings, who I used to spend long, hot summer days with 40 years ago. I haven't seen *any* of them in 40 years, since my family moved to a different part of town.

Would it be inappropriate for me to go to the wake?

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You should definately go Julia...I had lost touch with a very dear friend as she had married and moved to several differnt countries...when her mother passed away...we got together again and laughed and cried...she now lives in Minneapolis and we try to meet once a year in Duluth which is about half way for both of us....it was the best thing that happened to me in quite awhile...I am sure that family would love to see you and remenice(sorry about the spelling)

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Julia, if you can go - go! I know 40 years is a long time but for those who were important to you then and them to you, the effort will be well worth it.

Maybe you will rekindle friendships from the past that will bring new joy in the future.

Muzza cool

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I went. The viewing was from 4 to 8, I got there at 5:30, and there was such a line of people to get into the funeral home, I didn't get thru the front door till 7 o'clock! There were hundreds of people there. Once inside the funeral home, you were wound down halls and thru ropes, it was unbelievable.

His parents looked so small, I remembered them both as much taller, but then last time I saw them, I was 10. They both seemed in very good health for their ages (gotta be close to 80), very sharp minded. They remembered me. Then I got to the kids... the four eldest remembered me, even the one who was only 5 last time I saw her. The one who was two at the time didn't remember me. :rolleyes:

Then there were others who hadn't even been born when I lived there. HUGE family.

They had photos of the whole family all around the place, and it looked like an Osmond Family reunion!

One basket of flowers caught my eye... he'd been a part-time bartender, and they said his own favorite drink was an olive martini. The flowers were red roses with two martini glasses with skewered olives in them placed among the roses. It was touching, and different. I'm not sure if his co-workers sent it, or some of his customers.

I have to work tomorrow, so I can't attend the funeral, but it's going to be a funeral like this town hasn't seen in a long time. They're Irish, and they're "old time" Irish, so I imagine the funeral will go on for a few days yet. Wow, memories...

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