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Favorite Flipside's

Craig Benfer

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Were you one of those people who never flipped that 45 over to listen to the B-side. If you didn't, you missed out on some pretty good stuff. 3 that I can remember:

1. Days Are Short - Arlo Guthrie (City Of New Orleans) my favorite

2. Don't Ever Look Back - Bo Donaldson (Billy Don't Be A Hero)

3. I Just Want To Love You - Mary MacGregor (Torn Between Two Lovers)

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Elton put many non lp song as flipsides through out his career:

1)Skyline pigeon / Daniel

2)Cold highway / The Bitch is Back

3)House of cards / Someone saved my life tonight

4)The Retreat / I'm still standing


1)Be true / Fade away

2)Pink Cadillac / Dancing in the dark

3)Stand on it / Glory days

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Yeah no one tops Bruce for putting out unknown or un-released songs on "B" sides of singles -especially in the 1980's. Poor4Life has listed just the tip of the iceberg.

As far as Elton goes, I believe it was the "B" side of the "Philadelphia Freedom" single that had the last concert performance ever of John Lennon: "I Saw Her Standing There" done with Elton and the band at Madison Square Garden. It was John's way of paying back a bet he lost to Elton. Any guesses as to the bet?


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elton had bet john that he (elton) could write a number one song for him. lennon actually felt that he was out of touch with the fans. it was during his time away from yoko and his "lost weekend" period. ej was extremely "hot" during this time and his lp's were entering the charts at # 1. they got together and wrote "whatever gets you through the night" (hey matt i'm starting to sound like casey kasum!!!from lennons WALLS & BRIDGES LP)and it went straight to number one. i think that was lennon's only solo #1. ej had made lennon promise that he would go on stage with him at MSG if the song went to the top. a few things that are surprising about these events are........lennon, (who played in front of millions of fans) would actually throw up before going on stage, elton did not receive a writers credit for the song (i don't think....help matt!).

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Bruce had a flurry of non-album B-sides in the 80's and all but a couple were great!

funny I can't recall the a-sides at the moment but the songs were:

1)Janey, don't you lose heart

2)Shut out the light

3)Johnny bye bye

4)Jersey girl (the Tom Waits tune)

5)Two for the road

6)Held up without a gun / Hungry heart

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Here are some of my 45 flipsides: "Somebody Wants To Love You" (flipside of "I Think I Love You") by the Partridge Family, "Sunshine" (flipside of "Back Stabbers") by the O'Jays, "Gator Road" (flipside of "Sweet City Woman") by the Stampeders, "So Long Mama" (flipside of "Garden Party") by the late Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band (Actually when Decca made the 45 of that song, you have to put it back to the beginning of the straight line when the door opens & 5 or 6 seconds, the song begins but on the album or CD version of "Garden Party", the door opens & 1 second, the song begins) & don't laugh "One Love" (flipside of "I Won't Last A Day Without You") by the Carpenters (It was my mom's favorite song by the duo). Matt

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How about Paul McCartney's string of non-album B-sides? (good ones)

1)Little Woman Love/Mary Had a little lamb (apox on that A-side!)

2)The Mess/My Love

3)Country dreamer/helen Wheels

4)Sally G/Juniors Farm

5)Mull of Kintyre/Girls School (Girls school was the A-side in the US)

6)Daytime Nightime suffering/Goodnight tonight

7)Rainclouds/Ebony and ivory

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I didn't see anyone mention this one yet

Our man Eric released "Someday" as the B-side to "She did it" before it was included later on the "Change of Heart" Lp! When I first heard that one I thought "why ain't that one on Boats..."

I forgot another McCartney flip:

I'll give you a ring/Take it away


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I love that "Paper Lace" album. There is some pretty fun stuff on it (and good stuff too). My roommate and I used to always sing into our hairbrushes on "The Black-Eyed Boys" and "Dancing Cheek to Cheek". And for the record, I like their version of "Billy Don't Be a Hero" better than Bo Donaldson's. That's not saying that I love or even like that song anymore. Ya, I loved it when I was "tween" but, I'm past that now! lol!


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Marvin--if you're ever tempted to buy the "Best of Paper Lace" CD import, pass it up. I bought it off of Ebay and it's just dreadful! The versions of the songs are all different and just not tight and fun like that old album was.

Loved crankin' my old Pioneer Centrex to the motorcycles at the beginning and end of "The B-Eyed Boys"! Great memories!

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The song "Love You're A Love Time Coming" was also done by the Sugar Bears (Partridge Family almost soundalike) on their only album "Presenting The Sugar Bears" which singer Kim Carnes was a member. The cartoon CD can be found at: www.wingnuttoons.com (Wing Nut Toons) I got that CD which also has "Goofy Grape Sings" which contains the "Funny Face" commercials from Pillsbury. Matt

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