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Rick Springfield


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Count Rick among the many recent artists who have released a cd of covers. Rick's latest is titled "The Day After Yesterday", and here is the track listing:

1. I'm Not In Love (10CC)

2. Under The Milky Way (The Church)

3. Life In A Northern Town (Dream Academy)

4. Broken Wings (Mister Mister) duet with Richard Page of Mister Mister

5. Human (Human League)

6. Holding On To Yesterday (Ambrosia)

7. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)

8. Waiting For A Girl Like You (Foreigner)

9. Let's Go Out Tonite (Blue Nile)

10.For No One (Beatles)

11.Miss You Nights (Cliff Richard)

12.Blue Rose (Lizz Wright)

13.Cry (Rick Springfield)

14.Imagine (John Lennon)


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The list is interesting for sure, but some of these selections are far removed from Rick's 'rock' leanings. As Larry L mentioned to me, it would have been great to hear him do a 'berries tune like "Tonight." I guess diversity is what makes covers discs either sink or swim.


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Springfield is another underrated rocker...Sometimes a pretty face dosent get you too far...It probably cost him credibility...Very dynamic performer and good songwriter, but seems to be obsessed with his fathers passing many years ago and most recent albums have this shadowy, negative retrospective to them...Not the buoyant attitude of early days...Life has a tendency to beat some people down...

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Rick's debut album, 'Beginnings' did indeed have 'Speak To The Sky' as the debut single in 1972. He was a label mate of our Raspberries and did shows with the guys when they did their first tours. The guys will tell you that Rick used to wear a caveman outfit when he performed. Last night, myself, Jim and Barb Bonfanti, Al and Denise Kaston,and Kim Havrilla watched Rick perform an amazing set at Tower City Amphitheater in Cleveland. We all went backstage and spoke with Rick for quite a while. He's such a great guy and is very bummed that he is playing a show the same night in L.A. that we are. We have some great photos that I'm sure Bernie will post very soon. It was neat to be a fly on the wall when Jim and Rick spoke as they seemed very happy to see one another after such a long time.


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paul, ron... my wife and i are going to see rick at the and of this month...

he is a great perfomer, and a very underated guitar player!

lew, i dont think he is beaten down at all, he's still out there touring almost year round and he's released 2 cd's in the last two years.

yes he almost always has a references to his father, but his "karma" is a great cd about living from an adults viewpoint. i would think many on this site would love that cd.

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The first time I saw Rick Springfield was in New

York at 'Max's Kansas City' on Park Avenue South

in the early 70's. He came on stage in a caveman

outfit & my girlfriend at the time laughed uncontrollably for several minutes. And I just

expected to hear Speak to the Sky.' Go figure. I

was very pleasantly surprised to find he was a

great guirarist & quite the rock'n'roller. A year

later the simultaneuous Capitol and Columbia label

releases of 'Comic Book Heroes' came out, liked a

bunch of cuts,particularly the Beatlesque 'Bad Boy.' I moved to Southern California shortly thereafter, thought he had been forgotten, then in 1976 he came out with an album on the Chelsea

label & actually got local airplay here with the

opening track "Give a Hand,Take a Hand.' In 1976

I caught a set at the now defunct Starwood club, thought he sounded good, but was annoyed by the

audience's relative indifference. As you all know

by now, a year or two later he was on daytime

TV, and the rest is history. I remember during his Max's Kansas City gig in NY him doing this

tune called "Take Me Back to Beethoven Street",

never saw it on any album, and only after moving

to LA realized the street actually exists in the

Mar Vista side of town. Perhaps Rick enjoyed a

pleasant one-nighter there....

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I saw Rick perform about 6 years ago after a minor league hockey game in Milwaukee. As a previous poster said, he gives 100%. It was a great concert and the fans loved him. He was all over the place, even sliding across the ice!

He was also at the Taste of Summer festival in Waukesha, WI, this past summer, as were the Raspberries. If I remember correctly, I think Rick brought in the largest crowd of all the performers there.

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