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"Marcia, Marcia, Snort, Marcia!"

Tony Cartmill

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Poor Maureen. So many of our so-called idols aren't what they seem. I LOVED "Father Knows Best." I wanted my Dad to be just like him and call me Princess or Kitten. Then Lauren Chapin thought he was perfect too, because he was so great on the set. But Robert Young was an alcoholic and totally messed up.

Anxiety and insecurity can lead to terrible things, especially if someone is hiding them and trying to appear strong. Something cracks somewhere and the person's situation becomes untenable. My sympathies to anyone who has that much pressure.

Of course some of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves, which can be as terrible, or more terrible, than any from outside sources. Whether the pressure to be "perfect" and "succeed" (or achieve one's distorted and even unattainable vision of "success") comes from within or without, it's a death knell. I'm at the point where perfection isn't as consuming as it used to be and not only am I much happier, I'm also performing beyond my old expectations.

All I needed to do was relax!

It's sad that many artists never realize that their worst work is better than the best efforts of almost everyone else. It's very liberating when we do realize it, because that's when we free ourselves (mentally and emotionally) to do our BEST work. It's when we just say "(*&^ it!" and go out on a limb that we reach the pinnacle of our talents.

smile --Darlene

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Word Wendy!

Actually a looooong time ago I tried to remove red meat from my diet...and I made a "meat-less" meatloaf with soy. It was so bad my wife actually offered to cook.

I'm sure I fired up the grill immediately thereafter. Red meat is A-OK with me all these years! eek

Ruth's Chris anyone?


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Maureen McCormick was on the local news today promoting her book and said that she was still close friends with all of the Brady Bunchers except Eve Plumb. She said that she made a joke on a late night tv show about kissing Eve and Eve has not spoken to her since, upset at "lesbian rumors", from the pun.

They asked her who was the best kisser, Michael Jackson, Barry Williams (Greg), or Steve Martin?

The newscaster, WGN's Larry Potash cracked "well, we know it's not MJ". She said she was "too high to remember dating Steve Martin, but watching old shows now, you can see the passion when her and Barry did scenes as brother and sister".

Maureen also said she had a terrible crush on Robert Reed, her tv father, and knew she would "run away and marry him". Larry joked, "Boy, were you wrong" and she sighed, "yeah, Bob was gay....I even thought I could change him."

The book discusses how the cast often watched Florence Henderson sunbathing naked and how Eve Plumb "often pranced around the set nude".

Those Brady's knew how to party, didn't they?

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Yes they sure did Pat.

Allright fellas, which one of the following was your favorite:




Florence Henderson

Susan Day

Mrs. Partridge

Madam (remember her, from Madam's place)..she rocked..!!

For me, even back then when I was 9 or whatever, it was Mrs. Partridge LuvLove .. all the way..

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Aaaaaaaaaah 1977...graduating Sheepshead Bay High School and starting college.

Tony I can't tell you how often I got lucky ALL because of EC's "Boats" Album.

I thank you Eric....and half of Brooklyn & Manhattan thank you!


Whoa James....Marcia or Susan Day....I'm going to have to give this some thought.


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I have to go with.....

1) Marcia

2) Marcia

3) Marcia

4) Laurie Partridge

5) Mom Partridge

(Boy, ABC had all the hotties!) Carol Brady never did much for me, but, oh, that Shirley Partridge! Hubba -hubba! Wonder if Rueben ever made a move on her? When Marcia came out front to sing "Sunshine Day", I was in LOVE!

Got a question for the ladies here.....did you gals all dig Greg Brady or Keith Partridge?

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