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Raspberries Fantasy Baseball 2008


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my time is extremely more limited this year than in previous, and I have trimmed much of my fantasy stuff, but I refuse to give this up... I've gone from 20+ teams a few years ago to now just 2 this year... and those I can manage without much effort at all... provided I do ok in the draft... wink ... 'cause God knows without TOMMY there will be a whole lot less trading going on... LOL

Way to go, Paulie! Mr. Baseball!
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TUNES-EE! TUNES-EE! TUNES-EE! C'mon, everybody, get on your feet and chant along! Post some peer pressure in his TUNES thread! Get our most active and maverick owner back where he belongs. Tunes is Steinbrenner, Bill Veeck, and Charlie Finley all wrapped into one! TUNES-EE! TUNES-EE! TUNES-EE!

And Marv, remember that if you ever have a change of heart, remember it's not to late to start.... Just lemme know before the 11th... Or maybe you'll wanna come back next year. Either way, I'm still open to getting into the Marv/BHP Hockey League when the new season starts.

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Hey, I wish I could actually win one of the Raspberries' leagues! I admit that in our first season, I thought I'd be able to, you know, outsmart everybody, because I've been playing since 1992. And I've done pretty well in my longtime leagues.... BUT, I just haven't done anything here yet. Maybe I should change my name: The Go All the Ways hasn't fit so far.

Well, it'll be fun.... Great crowd.

And we do need one more owner to give us an even number.... Paging Mood Indigo... Paging Mood Indigo...

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I'll repost the schedule I had scratched out earlier:


Between now and SUN MARCH 9 at midnight: If you want IN the league, post a note here or send a Private Message to me or Blackhawk Pat by this time.

MON MARCH 10 at midnight: I'll lock the league on the 10th, so any new teams need to be signed up by this time.

TUE MARCH 11 early a.m.: I'll e-mail the list of teams to Muzza and ask him to randomly select a draft order. Muzza, if you're listening, will you be around to do this all-important job sometime on the 11th, or early on the 12th? You can post it on this thread as soon as it's done...

FRI MARCH 14 at 8:15 p.m. EST: Our draft time. You can draft online (and enjoy the trash-talking and raspberries that get typed in), or rely on Yahoo's auto-pick. If you decide to auto-pick, you can go in to Yahoo's pre-draft rankings and re-rank the players to your liking. During an auto-pick draft, Yahoo gives you the highest available player in your listing. (So if you don't want a certain player, re-rank him 50 or 100 spots lower than Yahoo has him. If you DO want a certain player, move him up in the rankings.)

It's probably not a bad idea to go in and re-rank Yahoo's rankings anyway... just in case you have a power outage or Internet "issue" on draft night....

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TUE MARCH 11 early a.m.: I'll e-mail the list of teams to Muzza and ask him to randomly select a draft order. Muzza, if you're listening, will you be around to do this all-important job sometime on the 11th, or early on the 12th? You can post it on this thread as soon as it's done...

Your 11th will be our 12th so I'll be watching for your email. Because I am out of town of our 13th (Your 12th) early your 11th would be best.

Watching and waiting.. Over and out... laugh

Muzza cool

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Oh, Margaux! We've left you hanging! Sorry about that.... I had an all-day event Saturday, and didn't get to check in today until now.... (Hey, where's my backup?)

Anyway, we have a Raspberries "fantasy baseball league" that I started three years ago -- it's open to anyone registered at EC.com (it's hosted at Yahoo). We have 15 team owners this year, so if you want "in," then we want you! In fact, even if you don't want "in," we want you!

If you haven't played fantasy baseball, I'll give you a quick overview:

* It's a game that's based on real stats put up by real Major League Baseball players. Each team owner in our league will fill up his or her roster with 29 players at different positions. We do it at a draft at Yahoo (scheduled for March 14). You don't have to be there for the draft; Yahoo has an "Auto-Pick" function that will pick your team for you, from the best available players. It's a totally fine option --- I've actually won leagues with Auto-Picked teams.

* Our teams can have players from any of the real Major League Baseball teams. So, you might have a four Yankees, a couple of Blue Jays, a Pirate, a Dodger, and so on --- as long as you fill all your positions.

* When the real Major League Baseball seasons starts (late March), the stats put up by real players on our team are added to our fantasy team's stats.

* Every week from now through mid-September, we play against a different opponent in the league (for example, I might play Paulie one week, Blackhawk Pat the next, Marlene the next....). Essentially, we're trying to "out-stat" our opponents' players.

* We use stats for hitters and for pitchers. The categories:

--Hitters: Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Stolen Bases, Runs, Batting Average

--Pitchers: Wins, Saves, Strikeouts, Earned Run Average, and WHIP (Walks plus Hits divided by Innings Pitched)

* Again, Yahoo tracks all the stats (free! -- you just need to be registered at Yahoo). The only "work" you do is to pick your team; follow baseball; and adjust your lineup as needed. (For example, if you have Albert Pujols on your team and he gets hurt, you'd want to stick him on your bench and activate someone who's healthy and playing.)

Also, you can trade players with other owners, and you can cut any stiffs on your team in favor of studs that are Free Agents. The transactions are probably the most fun part of the game.... IMHO.

* Our top eight teams qualify for playoffs, which run from mid-September through the end of the real MLB regular season....

Wow, this might sound kind of complicated. But it's really not. It's easy....

So, Margaux, let me know if you're interested and I'll send you an invitation into the league.... It would be great to have you!


Commissioner LC

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Anyone else interested in signing up? We need to get one more owner to commit.... We have a couple of interested parties, so maybe a Tunes-type cheer will help.... Say it with me now:

MOOD IN-digo! MOOD IN-digo! MOOD IN-digo! MOOD IN-digo!


Marg-OH! Marg-OH! Marg-OH! Marg-OH!

Anybody else?

--Commissioner LC

PS: Tunes, where you on the New Team Solicitation Committee last year?

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OK.... Mood..Help me out here..I have no experience and I'm a "Newbie"..let me sit on the bleachers or dance on them and watch the pros do their thing so I'll be more intuned when football season hits???

I'll bring the munchies, the cocktails, the music and the dancing girls??? What do you say Mood???

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