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Raspberries Fantasy Baseball 2008


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I'm leaning towards no. I learned today that I can't get on from work this year and since I am living on the road with no pc it would be very difficult and unpredictable when I can be on and when I can't. Plus I don't like to lose. Common sense would dictate there are certainly priorities during this horrible time in my life. Still I do love it so.I am so confused.

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Harry, invite has been sent. Also got one out to Laura and Ernie from the football league. Mood Indigo, you're always welcome, and you have a little more time to decide, so keep us in mind.

Tunes, you know we all want you in this thing. I hope you can make it work. On one hand, I realize that a baseball game isn't a high priority in your life right now, so it's understandable if you want to sit out the season. On the other hand, maybe the camaraderie and gamesmanship and fun of fantasy baseball would be a good place to focus a little energy this summer and forget about all the stresses.

Either way, we're behind you....


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I sent an invitation to Laura, who had great fun in our football league (and even let me have Brett Favre! -- she's a Packer Backer too). Also, Harry is as good as in... Somehow, my e-mail invite isn't getting to him. (Harry, I'll send you a PM with the sign-up info.)

And let's see... Mood Indigo and Tunes are still possibilities. (If begging doesn't work, we could try brow-beating...?) So we should have either 14 or 16 teams. I'll do everything I can to make sure we have an even number.

How about our new friend Beatnut? And where's PopDude? How about Eric Carmen? :-)

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I would love to play but with a new day gig job transfer I am traveling every week it is just too much to handle. Have a great time and I hope to be able to defend my football championship.

Ernie--Good luck in the new gig --- but just keep your schedule open for any Raspberries shows that come up. (Positive thinking.)

And absolutely -- you'll be back to defend your Super Bowl win....

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We need Bernie in there as well! Robin and Laura in the house!

With Harry in the House, yep, we do have 14. The league can accomodate up to 20 teams. If anyone else is interested, speak now or forever hold your peace (or, at least until next season).

My sense is that between Tunes, Mood Indigo, and Laura, we might end up with 16 teams total. That's just about right for a super-competitive league, a tight waiver wire, and lots of rivalries....

Or, if no one else wants in, I'll lock it at 14 teams. Let's see --- I'd need a deadline for that. How about:

Between now and SUN MARCH 9 at midnight: If you want IN the league, post a note here or send a Private Message to me or Blackhawk Pat by this time.

MON MARCH 10 at midnight: I'll lock the league on the 10th, so any new teams need to be signed up by this time.

TUE MARCH 11 early a.m.: I'll e-mail the list of teams to Muzza and ask him to randomly select a draft order. Muzza, if you're listening, will you be around to do this all-important job sometime on the 11th, or early on the 12th? You can post it on this thread as soon as it's done...

FRI MARCH 14 at 8:15 p.m. EST: Our draft time. You can draft online (and enjoy the trash-talking and raspberries that get typed in), or rely on Yahoo's auto-pick. If you decide to auto-pick, you can go in to Yahoo's pre-draft rankings and re-rank the players to your liking. During an auto-pick draft, Yahoo gives you the highest available player in your listing. (So if you don't want a certain player, re-rank him 50 or 100 spots lower than Yahoo has him. If you DO want a certain player, move him up in the rankings.)

It's probably not a bad idea to go in and re-rank Yahoo's rankings anyway... just in case you have a power outage or Internet "issue" on draft night....

Play ball!

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Well, I spoke with both TOMMY and Marvin last night on the phone and we still haven't given up hope of them joining. While TOMMY's situation is more complicated than Marv's, they both are extremely busy, so we'll see what happens. I truly hope both of my dear friends decide to join.

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Oh -- I was thinking Marvin was in already. Okay, so... we have 14 teams, and four possibles: Tunes, Mood Indigo, Laura, and Marv. So we could have as many as 18 teams. Wow! That would be awesome!

I know a couple folks worry about the talent pool in a bigger league, but trust me: It's more fun to have to dig deeper for good players.... I'm in an AL-only league with 10 teams, and uncovering a backup infielder who gets 250 or 300 at-bats is huge! An 18-team league that draws from the AL and NL wouldn't be quite that tight, but... you'd enjoy.

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PS: Oops again--Laura is already in the house. Yikes.... Just so I know what's going on (hello, LC!), here's who's signed, sealed, and delivered in the league:


* BundleAgainstCurrent --Lew Bundles (3rd year): Laugh-a-minute-Lew. crazy

* Hit Records --CubbieFanMike (3rd year): Aims to end the Cubs' and CubbieFan Curse.

* I'm-a-Rockers --BrianMichaelPage (2nd year)--Great new name! (Last year: "Overnight Sensations.") laugh

* Let's Pretenders --Frankie (3rd year): Where's Frank been lately?

* Marathon Men --Jeff, aka bmfc-1 (2nd year)--Thanks for the reminder! wink

* Spotlights --Laura (1st year): My fellow Packer and Favre fan!

* Sunrisers --PaulieMississippie (3rd year): Mr. Baseball. spin

* Take It Or Leave Its --Blackhawk Pat (3rd year): He's back as our estimable Rules Committee Director smart (right?).

* The Go All the Ways --LC (3rd year): Commissioner LC wants a title!

BTW, we still have 9 of the 12 owners from our first season, 2006 (see "3rd year" notations above). Last year, we went up to 16 teams. MIA from 2007: Tunes, PopDude, and Marv.

Speaking of which, where's PopDude?

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my time is extremely more limited this year than in previous, and I have trimmed much of my fantasy stuff, but I refuse to give this up... I've gone from 20+ teams a few years ago to now just 2 this year... and those I can manage without much effort at all... provided I do ok in the draft... wink ... 'cause God knows without TOMMY there will be a whole lot less trading going on... LOL

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