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Happy songs anybody?


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How about these to start:

1. December 1963 (Oh What A Night) - Four Seasons

2. Ebony Eyes - Stevie Wonder

3. Full Force Gale - Van Morrison

4. Just You 'n' Me - Chicago

5. Listen to the Music - the Doobie Brothers

6. Still the One - Orleans

7. That's Rock and Roll - Eric Carmen


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Of the top of my head...

"Top Down Summer" Eric Somebody?

"Fun Fun Fun" The Beach Somebody's

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Cindy Lauper

"She's Top 40" Kyle Vincent

"When I Think Of You" Chris De Burgh

"Nothin' Ever Happens 'round Here" Chris De Burgh

"One" Bee Gees

"You Win Again" Bee Gees

"Love Shack" B52s

"Everybody Have Fun Tonight" Tony's Big Wang Chung

"Rock This Town" Stray Cats

"What I Like About You" The Romantics?

"Whip It" Devo

"Play That Funky Music" Wild Cherry

"One Way Or Another" Blondie

"Old Time Rock And Roll" Bob Seger

"A Little Respect" Erasure

"Chains of Love" Erasure

"Take A Chance On Me" Abba

"Material Girl" Madonna

"Trying To Get You Naked" Tony Cartmill(unpublished)

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The top of my list is:

I Wanna Be With You--Raspberries


My Heart Stops--EC

December 1963 (Oh What a Night--Four Seasons

I Could Really Love You--EC

Nothin' Ever Happens Around Here--Chris de Burgh

Wendy--The Association

Time for Livin'--The Association

I'll have to think of some more...

smile --Darlene

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Laura, "Walking on Sunshine" is the ultimate 80's happy song. Katrina's follow up, "That's The Way" is so happy too. I forgot about them.

"Sunrise" is about as happy as Eric gets.

I've been a BeeGees freak since 1975, except for Saturday Night Fever and Sprits Having Flown (too much falsetto). I miss Maurice Gibb. Anybody know how we can bring him back?

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"Countin' Flowers on the Wall"--Statler Brothers

"Big Bertha" ---Eddie Rabbitt

"Sweet Pain" ---Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds

"I Go To Rio" ---Pablo Cruise

"Miss Otis Regrets" ---Bette Midler

"Hands on You" ---Raspberries

"I'm a Believer" ---Smashmouth (guaranteed to

put me in a good mood)

"My Heart Stops" ---Eric (actually, Eric and the

'Berries have tons of happy


"10,000 Pounds of Bananas"---Harry Chapin

"The Tide is High" (and so am I--lol)--Blondie

"Long Tall Glasses" ---Leo Sayer

"Every Time I Think of You" ---the Babys

I know there are about a million others. I'm a person that really appreciates happy music! Even dumb, happy music!


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lily The Pink.-The Scaffold.

Thank You Very Much-The Skaffold

Big Bidou-Carlos

Anything by EmilioEl Moro(similar to Tony Cartnill¥s All By Myself or mine¥s All By Himself with lots of successful Spanish songd)

The Ballroom Blitz-The Sweet

Co-Co-Ther Sweet

Misa Luba-Cyan

Bridget The Midget-Ray Stevens

Simos Says-The 1910 Fruitgum Company

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