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I'd appreciate your advice.....


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I need a new sports/dress jacket. The question is do I buy one here in New Zealand or do I buy one in the USA while we are there? I'm not looking for a top of the line jacket but something which looks nice but isn't too expensive. I don't want it to be too formal but still could be worn when I'm taking funerals etc.

So guys.... what does a tidy reasonable quality dress jacket cost over there? I would want it to be a medium weight one which could be used in summer and winter. Also where would be the best places to look for one?

Muzza cool

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Just as in New Zealand, the prices run the gamut. Maybe a tiny bit cheaper outside of the bigger cities. Check New Jersey and Nashville locations.

Here are some national and New York area chains. Shop around.





These next 2 are a little more expensive, but they'll take pretty good care of you.:



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Jos. A Banks is a sure thing. You could get out of there with a real nice blazer for under $200. They're national. And I've noticed they've been running a lot of promotions lately -- like every other apparel retailer. They're "updated traditional" but very American in cut and style if that makes a difference.

Actually, I found a couple of nice Lauren/Chaps blazers -- an ultra-suede and a houndstooth at Kohl's Department store. Didn't pay much more than $150 for the two combined on markdown. Kohl's is like JC Penney and usually on the same corner.

Lands' End has outlet stores where you can find nice stuff, but I'm not sure they have them outside of Chicago.

Or try Norstrom RACK; the outlet for Nordstrom, not the mall anchor. You'll find a variety of styles there (more "fashionable"), nice stuff marked down from their department store, but still a bit more pricey than the others I've mentioned.

Since you'll be in Chicago -- head for Schaumburg / Woodfield Mall / Golf Road. (Shudder.) Everything in this post is out there.

Lands' End outlet and Nordstrom RACK next door to one another on Golf Road.

And as a former Sears employee, for God's sake, stay out of Sears.


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Thanks everyone for your great contributions, (and those who PM'd me). Looking at at the prices I'll have to do a bit more research and calculating as it appears it would be cheaper here only because the exchange rate of our dollar against yours is so bad, which means it basically doubles the price. frown

In other words I can by a top quality one here for NZ$200 (equals US$100) or if I buy a US$150 one it will mean I have paid around NZ$300 for it. eek

Time for me to think carefully now.

Muzza cool

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