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Man Chair and Raspberries Heaven


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Here's a little background: Annie and I got married 15 months ago. 14 months ago she left her job (with my full support) fully expecting to find another job pretty quickly. She got a nice consulting job for a while, but a full time job was nowhere in sight. Things were getting pretty stressful. Money was running pretty low. Fears were runnin pretty high. That all changed last week. Last Monday she landed the big one! A great (and I mean great!) job in NYC. Yaaaay....and phew!!!

Here's what happened tonight: I got home around 7:15 to discover a new leather chair in the family room. As I took off my coat Annie poured me a beer, sat me in the (soft comfortable walnut brown leather) chair, handed me a bowl of Chex Mix and the remote. I turned the TV on. She had put the Raspberries DVD on!! "I Wanna Be With You" was the first thing I watched from my Man Thrown!! She then brought me two freshly made lobster rolls!! Which I scoffed down before the last notes of "Tonight" were played.

She did all this because, as she says, as a thank you for the support I gave her during the tough times. Can you believe it??? Am I the luckiest guy in the world, or what?


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Congratulations to Annie on her terrific new job in the city! And congratulations to both of you on making a terrific spousal choice!

Remember when I said something good would happen Dave? Was I right or what? Something TERRIFIC happened! To one of the best guys I know!

smile --Darlene

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If your life story was a movie, the camera would pull back slowly on that moment of you in your "Man Chair" as a Raspberries tune swelled in the background and the words, "THE END" slowly faded up on the scene. And it would score big with test audiences 'cause everyone likes a happy ending!


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