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"Foods You Hate"


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Today is such an important day in America...that I need to bury my head in the sand and not deal with the tension and totally escape into nonsense for a coupla minutes.

So I'm inviting all of you to take a break from cataclysmic national and international events and list one or two foods you absolutely hate!

Perhaps it's my Kosher upbringing but raw seafood such as raw mussels,clams and oysters....top my "Blecch"! crazy list.

How about you?

Take a moment...Ya got all nite to follow the election...Let's have a little fun!-Ira.

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I don't eat seafood at all. Just fish and tuna, and not much fish. I tried raw oysters once, thought I was going to toss my cookies! crazy

But the absolute worst food for me is liver and onions. My mother made me try them but never forced us to eat it once we tried it.

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Cherries and anything cherry flavored.

And meatloaf. crazy I make it for the family because they love it, but I don't even taste it.

Gotta add one more--my mother-in-law's cranberry salad--but you better believe I eat it--every single Thanksgiving and I smile while I'm doing it! Indifferent

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Shot glasses

I have a real thing about shot glasses, I hate any appetizer served in a shot glass.

Who wants to gulp down an appetizer that way ?

I also hate seeing women drinking shots, I know it's acceptable but I can't get past the idea of a cowboy bellying up to the bar to get a shot of whiskey.

I don't hate the food ... I hate the glass


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I don't like shellfish, but I do like fresh fish.

How do youse fulla's serve your Liver and Onions, dry or in a gravy? Here we do it in a gravy, plus we also add bacon to it.

Hollies...you wouldn't do very well in New Zealand!!!!

Julie...I used to tell my kids that Brussle Sprouts were "Baby Cabbages", that worked for a while!!

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I don't like brussell sprouts either (to me they are just 'stinky baby cabbages')! I don't like it when either jell-0 or pudding gets that 'scum' on the top of it. I don't like any type of meat especially the kind you would serve as an entree to have 'fat,grissle,veins' in my portion. I only like white meat on the turkey/chicken. I don't like any type of 'jellied' salad. I only really enjoy pickerel(Walleye to you my neighbours to the south) if it is prepared by my brother-in-law because he makes that 'fishy' taste disappear and never leaves in any bones! That's all I can think of for the moment Ira! wink

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For me, the worst is red meat. I'm a vegetarian, and seeing anyone eat anything that's swimming in a pool of blood on their plate just makes makes my stomach flip flop ! Ewwwwww ! crazy

Aw..come on, Julie, be brave and try a brussel sprout..they're GOOD !! wink

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I never liked brussel sprouts either, they were green-gray and boiled to an inch of their life. Then at Thanksgiving my sister served them roasted with a little olive oil and salt and pepper.

We love them now! It really changes the taste to cook them properly.

Be brave, try them this way you may change your mind.


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