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For Carmen Smalley


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Carmen, Got your message, and tried to send you an answer, but it said your message box is full. Please take some messages out so you can receive mine.

I need you to explain your private message to me, because I don't know what it meant.

In my last post, asking for your thoughts, I was trying to bring you back into the community, because I enjoy and miss your posts.

I always wish you well, and so does everyone else on this board. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


smile --Darlene

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I also tried to let Carmen know her message box was full, but I'm not sure if she knows she has one here on the EC board as well as her personal mail.

Looks like she's made 2 or 3 posts in the last couple of weeks, so maybe she's back to stay for awhile!

I always enjoy her posts too, though I don't always completely understand them. ;-)


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