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50 Most Awesome Dead Rockers


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March's Blender magazine has an article ranking the "50 Most Awesomely Dead Rock Stars".

My, my, my!

While I won't sit here and list all fifty, I will show you their top ten:

10) Ray Charles

9) Bob Marley

8) Kurt Cobain

7) Jerry Garcia

6) Jimi Hendrix

5) John Lennon

4) Tupac Shakur

3) Elvis Presley

2) Notorius BIG

1) Johnny Cash

It is amazing to me that ANYONE can be ranked above John Lennon, but Tupac and BIG over John???????

Some other laughables in the rankings are:

14) DJ Screw (who???) over George Harrison (23) and Frank Sinatra (15). Old Dirty Bastard (21) over Keith Moon (45) and Luther Vandross (27). (Never thought I'd use Keith and Luther in the same sentence!)

What are people listening to these days?????

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What are people listening to these days?????
Apparently they're listening to the exact same stuff they listened to in 1983. On one of the pay channels (don't recall which one) last week, I watched Flashdance around 3 AM. The next night on Dancing With The Stars, they had a guest celebrity band (couldn't tell you their name if my life depended on it) and the guys in the band did the exact type of dance moves I saw the night before on Flashdance. Till that moment, I really didn't stop to think how music and dance have both seemed to stagnate the last decade or so. How boring!
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