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What our friend Muzza did this weekend....


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New Zealand man surfs with killer whales

(ok, not Muzza but a fellow KIWI!!)

Sun Jan 11, 5:16 pm ETWELLINGTON (Reuters) – A New Zealand man surfed with three killer-whales at the weekend, saying the waves were too good to be put off by the predators a local paper reported.

Craig Hunter, who has been surfing off New Zealand's North Island for almost 50 years, told the Dominion Post he spotted an adult orca and two young calves lurking just beyond the breakers as was surfing Saturday.

"There was no way I was going in because the waves were too good," Hunter said, adding that this was not the first time he had surfed with an orca. He said he was too old to be bothered by the possibility of being attacked.

"My outlook is they are big enough and quick enough. If they thought I was a seal, I'd be long gone." There have been no known cases of orca attacking humans, the Dominion Post said.

NOW: that's just so cool!

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Hey Annie, what we've both been up to this past week isn't quite as dangerous as surfing with killer sharks... but almost!!

We've been at Boys Brigade Camp(BB is similar to Scouts)There were 23 boys aged between 10-18. Muzza was Camp Chaplain and I was one of the cooks and also the camp nurse. We've had a great time but it's good to be sleeping in our own bed again!!

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