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Seth Swirsky


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Just read in the MARATHON MAN bio that Eric had written some (unreleased) tunes with a songwriter named Seth Swirsky. For those of you who enjoy the lighter side of pop/power pop, I would highly recommend Swirsky's newly-released cd, titled INSTANT PLEASURE. It's one of my faves of the year and includes some very pretty melodies and fab tunes. I believe there are sound samples at www.notlame.com

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Seth and Eric wrote two tunes together.

"After You" is a post-breakup piano ballad (I love it, so I'm sure you'd hate it :-)

"The High Cost Of Loving" is (for lack of a better decription) a country song. Lots of people who have heard this one like it a lot. Me, I'm a bit on the fence on this one.


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Bernie I know "The High Cost..", and I actually don't mind it even though it sounds a bit strange in Eric's hands. I don't know "After You." You're pegging me as someone who doesn't like Eric's ballads, so just to prove to you that I am someone with feelings, I'm going to cry on your shoulder tomorrow crying

Eric is a fabulous ballad writer, it's just that we don't all agree on which ballads ones are his best.


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Oh, Marvin, Bernie isn't picking on you. Don't be over-sensitive. He didn't even pick on you when you said you hated WD!

I've never heard "After You," and I haven't heard anyone except Bernie mention it before, so it would be a great "gem" to hear on a future mp3 (hint hint)!

I really like "The High Cost..." It's so cute, and while it's not a deep emotional angst-driven ballad, it's the cutest country song. It always makes me smile, because I know a guy who would think it describes me, as far as he was concerned!

smile --D

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